Oct 072015
The Walking Dead Season 5 Reviewed In 7 Minutes

Ever since Breaking Bad ended, the most popular show on AMC is without a doubt the zombie-horror thriller The Walking Dead. Now that the sixth season is set to debut next Sunday, The Fine Brothers have stepped forwards to review the entire fifth season in just seven minutes. Are you ready?


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Aug 202015
Real Life First Person Video Game Through Chatroulette

Older nerds will remember the really old video games that were actually more digital version of choose your own adventure books than a video game. Many barely had graphics and were mostly just text. Well the geeks at Realm Pictures have taken this concept into the future. Using a great cast of characters, they made a dynamic first person style game for users of Chatroulette to play. Players simply told the character who was wearing a helmet camera where to go and what to do in a world filled with zombies and monsters! So cool! 


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Apr 092015
Zombie Apocalypse Prank

The pranking couple of Prank vs Prank are famous online for pulling quick ones on each other. But for their latest stunt they decided to work together. They rallied an entire crew of ‘zombies’ to run around and scare the pants off of people playing at the park. 


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Jan 112015
Dying Light Parkour

In anticipation of the upcoming action-survival game, Dying Light, the parkour specialists at Ampisound made this heart-racing video. Just like in the game, viewers watch from a first-person-perspective as a terrified runner attempts to escape from zombies. 

The action packed video already has over 1.5 million views!


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Dec 012014
Pretend Zombie Battle Birthday Surprise

Sam Ross is absolutely obsessed with old zombie thrillers. So for any epic birthday surprise, his girlfriend planned a giant zombie battle inside their house. He and his buddy were armed with Nerf toy guns and had to make their way through the dark apartment that was littered with hungry zombies. Good luck!


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