Sep 262014
Bad Lip Reading Of The Walking Dead

As most fans already know, The Walking Dead will be returning for a fifth season in mid October. In that honor, the popular Web channel Bad Lip Reading has made this hilarious terrible lip reading of footage from the fourth season. They even added a ridiculous song. 


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May 052014
Steadfast Stanley Is The Dog That Won’t Let Even A Zombie Apocalypse Stand In His Way

Steadfast Stanley may seem like any ol’ dog, but he’s actually quite special. He’s only a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but when his owners accidentally leave him behind during a zombie apocalypse he does everything in his power to get back to them. His journey may be short, but it’s not without adventure and suspense.  created the short cartoon for his third year project at the California Institute of the Arts, and he better have received an A! The animation style and art are just perfect!


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Feb 062014
Zombies Under The Sidewalk Grates Prank In New York City

Walking on the grates on the sidewalk is scary enough. What if they give way? That’s why most people prefer to walk on the hard concrete. 

AMC took the fear of the sidewalk grates to the next level in the Big Apple. 

To promote their popular zombie show The Walking Dead they had zombies surge out from the grates as New Yorkers walked by. 



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Jan 182014
Guy With Only One Arm Pranks Walking Dead Star As Zombie

Nick Santonastasso was born with only one arm and no legs as a result of a rare birth defect.

But he doesn’t let that get him down. Instead, he capitalizes on his disability by pranking people as a zombie, and has since become a viral video star!

After seeing his viral pranks, the crew of the popular zombie show The Walking Dead contacted Nick with a proposition: help us prank Norman Reedus who plays Daryl Dixon on the show.

The subsequent prank published by Pranxtrr has naturally gone viral.


Via LaughingSquid.

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