Nov 232014
Garbage Man Perfectly Picks Up And Throws Out Old Mattress With Garbage Truck Robot Claw

Most people take it for granted, but it was only a few decades ago that nerds and robot enthusiasts dreamed of garbage trucks with robotic arms to make the job of the garbage man that much easier. Today, most cities in the first world have garbage trucks with helpful robo-arms. 

This garbage man has become a master at the garbage truck claw. Just watch as he perfectly positions, picks up, and throws away an old mattress, all while in the comfort of the cabin of his truck. 

And you thought the claw game at your mall was hard! 


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Nov 222014
Man Finds GoPro In River,

Treasure hunter Beau Ouimette found a very rare treat while searching the bottom of a shallow river with his metal detector. He found an algae covered GoPro camera. Interestingly enough, the camera was still working after he cleaned and dried it off. He found this footage on the camera which shows the moment when the recording camera fell off a raft. 


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Nov 212014
sketchy deal

Taylor White was watching Fox 25 news in Boston about the brutal weather the Northeast has been enduring when he couldn’t believe his eyes. During an outside weather report two shaddy characters can be seen meeting up in the background to conduct a very sketchy deal. And then just like that, the two walk away. Even the two news anchors couldn’t help but crack a smile.


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Nov 202014
Chilling Footage From Inside Florida State University Library During Lockdown After Shooting

Early Thursday morning, there was a shooting at Florida State University’s Stozier Library. Recent news reports indicitate that three people have been injured, and that the suspect was fatally wounded by police. Florida State University Student Newspaper The Independent Florida Alligator has published this chilling video taken by a student who was huddled together with a large group inside the library when instructions were given on the intercom. 

Read more on ABC News, The New York Times, and CNN


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Nov 192014
Lake Effect Snow In Buffalo Time Lapse Is Beautifully Terrifying

Much of the United States is shivering after an arctic blast swept across most of the country. Many states have already seen snow, but no one has it as bad as Buffalo, New York. On Tuesday, attorney Alfonzo Cutaia took this time lapse from his office window of Lake Eerie as the lake effect snow storm sucked up moisture from the lake and pummeled the city with snow. Incredible. And the ‘fun’ is only just starting


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