May 152014
Footage From Camera Aboard Sinking Boat Is Terrifying

Little Deeper Charters Inc published this video back in September, but it has only gone viral now over the past few weeks. Being stuck on a large sinking ship is a nightmare most people would not like to experience. But in case you would like to see just how chilling it can be, watch this video.

The Pocahontas, also known as the Danny, sank outside Lake Worth over a year ago, and a camera on board captured the terrifying scene. Now, viewers can’t help but watch what it would be like to go under with a ship.



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May 142014
Yo-Yo Baby Will Blow Your Mind

Japanese six year old Kazuya Murata is known around the world as the Yo-yo Baby. Everywhere he goes he surprises viewers with his epic yo-yo skills. We’re not talking about simple tricks like Walk The Dog and Around The World. You really have to watch his performance at the 2013 Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships to grasp just how much of a yo-yo master this kid is.  


Via DailyPicks

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May 132014
Evil Clown Scare Prank Is Terrifying

Most people are already terrified of clowns. There’s just something so creepy about all that makeup and that permanent smile. The crew of Dm Pranks Productions took the already scary clown to the next level in this terrifying prank. Late at night in the city, the evil clown would jump out of nowhere and smash the head of what looked like a passed out person on the ground. Witnesses make the right decision to instantly run away. 



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May 132014
Giant Gummy Bear Dropped In Potassium Chlorate Is Explosive

As most nerds know, potassium chlorate is highly reactive with sugar. To entertain kids, performing scientists will often drop a gummy bear in a little bit of the compound to show off the flaming effects. Vat19 likes to take things to the next level. As they sell giant, 5-pound gummy bears, they decided to perform the experiment in a super-sized fashion.

And boom goes the dynamite. 


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May 122014
Laughing Parrots Are Terribly Creepy

This relatively ancient video from 2007 has gone viral again now with over 250,000 new views. The video features two parrots who perfectly copy a woman’s laughter. The problem is, it’s less funny and more creepy. Viewers can’t help but get the chills from the strange clip. 


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