May 012014
Manatee Drinking Water From A Hose Is Really Weird

Have you ever seen a manatee drink water? Most likely not as the aquatic mammal usually drinks water while submerged. Outdoors man Deer Meat For Dinner by chance found a manatee drinking water from a hose dripping off the dock. The swimming mammal simply raised its mouth just above the level of the lake to catch the dripping water from the hose. Weird. 


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Apr 302014
Robinson Cano Surprises Yankees Fans While They’re Booing Him

Former New York Yankee Robinson Cano is now the second baseman for the Seattle Mariners. He just played at Yankee stadium Tuesday night wearing the Mariners uniform. It’s no surprise he was booed by faithful Yankee fans. 

Assuming that would happen, Jimmy Fallon sent Robinson to the streets of the New York to be preemptively booed by fans before the game. The thing is, the fans thought they were booing a cardboard cutout of Robinson. Only after they booed, did he make himself known. 


Now, this hilarious late night clip has gone viral with over 1.9 million views


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Apr 292014
Rare Zebra-Donkey ‘Zonkey’ Baby Born In Mexico

Have you ever heard of a ‘Zonkey?’ It’s exactly what it sounds like. A hybrid between a zebra and a donkey. It is an extremely rare animal, but Euro News reports that a baby Zonkey was just born naturally in Mexico at a zoo in the northern state of Tamaulipas. Time for Disney writers to hit the keyboards, because we smell a cartoon in the making. 


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Apr 282014
How Many Things Are There?

Want to know a weird fact? Everyday, you produce about two liters of saliva. Sadly, over your entire lifetime, that still won’t be enough to fill an Olympic size swimming pool. Want to know more strange and eerie facts?

Just watch this new educational video, How Many Things Are There?, by Michael of Vsauce.


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