Apr 252016
TV Show Pranks Volunteer That Baby Alien Hatched From Egg


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Apr 252016
Car Guy Accidentally Breaks Windshield Of Borrowed Ferrari

There are a number of special brands that all car guys dream of driving. Ferrari is one such brand. That’s what made this video by Marchettino so much more painful. He has never even scratched a car in his life. But the one time he borrowed a Ferrari and hit the gas for the first time, the hood flew up and cracked the windshield after being incorrectly closed. 


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Apr 232016
Motorcyclist Dodges Car Crash At Last Second On Highway

Riding a motorcycle automatically with comes with extra dangers that don’t exist when driving a car. Motorcyclist enthusiast BreakingMoto knows this more than anyone. Recently while speeding down the freeway, he saw the unmentionable happen right before his eyes. One car rear ended another instantly causing a terrifying chain reaction pileup. Going so fast, he had no time to stop, so he swerved and dodged like his life literally depended on it. PHEW! 


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Apr 222016
Animals Sing ‘Numb’ By Linkin Park

Now this is what the Internet was made for! Insane Cherry truly lives up to their screen name after somehow imagining the 2003 rock song Numb by Linkin Park, but with animals replacing the singers. 

It sounds like an impossible feat but, but they managed to cut countless clips of animals to create this hilarious parody music video. 


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