Feb 102016
Dad Face Swapping With Family Is Creepy Yet Hilarious

Oh, what a time we live in! With just a simple smart phone app, you can now swap your face with someone else in real time. Woodsie TV tried out the new app in this creepy yet hilarious video which has gone viral with over one million hits!


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Feb 092016
Family Feud Contestant Keeps Giving Wrong Answer For Another Word For ‘Mother’

It’s been a while since the classic game show Family Feud was trending online. But this new clip featuring a very confused contestant has exploded on Facebook. For some reason, the woman kept giving the same wrong answers that were already stated when trying to think of another word for mother. Steve Harvey couldn’t help but freak out. But most viewers want to know what the other two correct answers were…


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Feb 082016
Tongue In Mouse Trap Will Make You Cringe

The Slow Mo Guys have apparently recorded nearly everything they can think of on their super slow motion cameras. So now that they are out of ideas, they have really taken things to the next level. Like having a mouse trap close on Dan’s tongue!



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Feb 082016
Doritos Ultrasound Baby Super Bowl Commercial

Every Super Bowl there are one or two commercials that stand out from the crowd as the funniest or most popular. This year, Doritos is one of those happy companies with a hot commercial. Their baby in an ultra chasing after a Doritos chip has turned out to be one of the most talked about ads. Some viewers are even inferring that the commercial is making a statement on abortion. 


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Feb 082016
Broncos Fan Spends $30,000 On Super Bowl Trip

The Super Bowl is the largest sports event in America. Naturally, tickets to the big game cost an arm and a leg. This Denver Broncos fan admitted on the news that he spent “21” on the game. As in $21 grand! Even the interviewer was surprised. 

At least it wasn’t a complete waste of money as Denver won. 


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