Jun 072014
Man Saves Drowning Squirrel

This extended clip by Kd7nhm has gone viral with over 350,000 hits! The pool maintenance man arrived at a house to install a pool heater when he heard splashing from the pool. He discovered a cute little squirrel drowning in the water! He quickly scooped the little guy up and started performing soft compressions. Incredibly, he saved the rodent!


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Jun 062014
The World’s Fastest Police Cars

Dubai is an oasis of wealth and luxury in one of the world’s poorest regions. To keep up with the rich and famous, Dubai has amassed a ‘super fleet’ of police cars. They own a slew of the world’s fastest cars, including a Nissan GT-R, McLaren, Ferrari, and many more!

So just how fast is the world’s fastest police car? The Bugatti Veyron police cruiser is capable of reaching 260 mph, and can hit 60 mph from a standstill in under three seconds. You can run, but you can’t escape criminals!


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Jun 052014
Adults Taste Baby Food

Maybe babies often don’t want to eat because the food we buy for them is just plain nasty. Zucchini, banana, and spinach? Who thought of that combination? Those don’t go together! To offer adults the same experience babies have, BuzzFeed had some of their staffers taste-test famous baby foods


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Jun 052014
Bottle Cap Snapping Trick Shots

Hello Denizen has taken the trick shot to the next level. The Web has seen it all before: basketball, frisbee, football, even ping-pong trick shots. Now, Denizen has introduced the beer cap trick shot. It may sound simple, but he can even play Jenga by shooting caps at the logs. Impressive!

Apparently, this is the skill you acquire when you have too much free time on your hands and drink plenty of beer. 


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