Nov 192013
How To Use A Public Restroom Musical Skit

The Gregory Brothers revert back to their old quirky ways in this outrageous new music video skit, How to Use a Public Restroom

As the public bathroom is such an awkward and uncomfortable place for so many people, The Gregory Brothers help break the ice for one user by peaking through the stall door crack, and introducing themselves with a song. 


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Nov 192013
Outrageous CONAN Season 3 Supercut Music Video

NSFW Language Warning

It feels like just yesterday when Conan O’Brien was basically fired from The Tonight show on NBC and made the decision to jump ship to TBS on basic cable.

Thankfully, it all worked out for the best, with CONAN turning out to be a popular hit. 

To celebrate season 3, animators Smearballs and Cyriak assisted Team Coco to help make this impressive and entertaining supercut mash up music video from the best scenes from 150 hours of Coco footage. 

WTF never felt so good. 


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Nov 192013
Instant Karma Compilation

Ahh, karma. It’s a wonderful thing. 

The Internet simply hates when some jerk gets away with misbehaving in society. But when that brute gets an instant dose of karma?


So it’s no wonder this compilation of instant karma fails by Uniformedia has gone viral with over 600,000 views in a week. 


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Nov 182013
Girl Performs Epic Super Burps

College frat boys and jocks step aside. You are no longer the kings of burping.

YouTuber Breigh Scheefer can out burp you all with what she calls her super burp.

She explains that a super burp is when she swallows in a lot of air, and then swallow in more air instead of burping it out right away. 

The process is painful, but she does it for the fans. 

The video is over a year old but is trending again after appearing on TheAwesomer, BuzzFeed, ObviousWinner, and Break


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Nov 182013
Sesame Street Thanksgiving Spoof

Outrageous cartoon show Animation Domination High-Def imagines what a Sesame Street Thanksgiving might look like. 

Naturally, things take a dark turn very quickly. 

But that’s OK, because there’s only 26 shopping days left…


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