Oct 102013
What The Fox Say On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Norwegian pop sensation What The Fox Say by comedy group Ylvis is still on top of the Internet charts. The crazy music video now stands with over 100 million views!

That made the group a perfect candidate to guest star on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. They performed their hit single live in different outfits to create an eye-popping television production. 


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Oct 102013
Girl In Pants Suit

YouTuber thEaniMatOr89 posted this short and sweet video in August, but it has only gone viral over the past few weeks. 

Now, the silly clip–where the star demonstrates that she isn’t wearing a dress, but rather a ‘pantz’ suit–has managed to garner over one million views!


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Oct 092013
Firemen Spray Police With Foam At Brussels Protest

After announcements of national budget cuts for the fire department, Brussels firemen protested outside of the Prime Minister’s office. RT reports that they blocked traffic with their firetrucks and even sprayed the police with water and foam.  


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Oct 082013
King Of The Hill Pokemon Mash Up

Hank Hill would no doubt disapprove of Pokemon, but that didn’t stop animator El Cid from dreaming up this humorous King of the Hill-Pokemon mash up.

The short cartoon showcases a quick Poke-battle between Hank and his neighbor Boomhauer, and has already amassed over 200,000 hits!


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Oct 082013
Scary Headless Man Prank

With Halloween just around the corner, the spooky pranks are really starting to pour in online.

And few can compete with magician and prank master Rahat

After scaring the pants off of fast food workers at the drive-thru with his skeleton driver prank, Rahat has returned to prank people at the park as the legendary headless man.

Rahat had people of all ages literally running for their lives in all directions after seeing an apparent monster from popular horror movies in real life. 


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