Dec 082013
Rowdy University Of Oregon Football Players Swarm And Pelt Cars With Snowballs, Even Throw Snow In Professor’s Face

This video by the Daily Emerald has instantly gone viral.

After a rare snowfall in Willamette Valley, a group of University of Oregon football players organized a snowball fight which quickly got out of hand.

A mob of students ended up stopping a few cars and pelted them with snow, even going so far to cover the windshields with piles of snow. 

One of the drivers was a patient professor who made the mistake of getting out of the car to confront the students, but ended up getting pelted in the face by a football player.

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Dec 062013
High School Softball Pitcher Purposefully Throws At Umpire

This video by Williams Sports Video was posted in October, but has only gone viral now with over 375,000 new veiws

After a slew of displeasing calls, the coach, catcher, and pitcher of the California Cruisers in black met on the mound to devise an evil plan.

The pitcher was advised to purposefully throw directly at the ump. The catcher even jumped to the side at the last moment so the ump would be struck. 

The umpire rightfully ejected the coach, pitcher and catcher and the game was ended. 

The impatient can skip to 1:30 for the action. 

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Dec 062013
The Hungover Games Spoof Movie Trailer

Step aside Scary Movie and Epic Movie, because there’s a new spoof movie heading for theaters.

The Hungover Games is actually real, and parodies a slew of recent Hollywood hits with a focus on The Hangover series and The Hunger Games


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Dec 062013
Cardboard Surfing With Dale Earnhardt Jr

Water skiing is great fun, but what do you do when there’s no water around and you have a craving for some high speed action?

You simply go to Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s property in North Carolina, and go cardboard surfing. Ye, that’s a thing now! 

Devin Supertramp teamed up with Mountain Dew and Dale to try out the new ‘sport’ and capture all the fun to share with the web. 


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Dec 052013
How To Make A Viral Video ‘VIRAL SONG’ Music Video

Everyone wants to go viral these days, but how?

Popular YouTuber Tobuscus reveals the secret sauce in this humorous animated music video, VIRAL SONG

So what’s the recipe?

Cats, cats, laughing babies, hot ladies, a catchy music chorus that can be repeated, and don’t forget… educational facts about cashews?

And of course, post the song on iTunes


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