Nov 112013
Weirdest Things In Google Street View

Now that Google has almost literally mapped the entire world’s streets with their notorious street-view, online users can travel the world from their computer screens or smartphones. 

With all the mapping, they were bound to photograph some crazy scenes, and as they do best, BuzzFeed Video made this entertaining list of the Weirdest Things In Google Street View


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Nov 112013
Dropping Popcorn By Sunbathers To Attract Birds Prank

The beach is always good fun. Except for those annoying seagulls that swarm any open food. They seem to be especially fond of snack food, such as chips or popcorn. 

So for their latest collaborative prank, Roman AtwoodDennisRoady, and The Dudesons quietly poured popcorn around the vicinity of napping sunbathers at the beach, and giggled away as the seagulls attacked


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Nov 112013
Every Grunt From Home Improvement Ever Compilation

How’s this for an ultimate compilation video?

Koonjam obviously had too much time on their hands, as they sifted through all 203 episodes of the 90′s sitcom Home Improvement, and compiled every ‘uggghh,’ ‘ooooohhh,’ and ‘ahhaggh’ into this single 14 minute grunt montage

That’s over 600 grunts!


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Nov 112013
One Second Of Life From Ten Months Compilation

It’s been done before, but that doesn’t make this video any less cool. 

Artist Michał Mikołaj Wojtunik has instantly gone viral with his first video posting! For the last ten months, he has been recording snippets from his day. 

After nearly a year, he started editing just one second from each day, and compiled all the flash footage into this video.

Over the weekend, the clip has already amassed over half a million views!


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Nov 102013
Sacha Baron Cohen Knocks Elderly Woman In Wheel Chair Off Stage At 2013 Britannia Awards

This BBC America clip from this year’s Britannia Awards featuring world famous prankster Sacha Baron Cohen is understood as an obvious setup by veteran Internet viewers.

After being bestowed with the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award for Excellence in Comedy, Sacha accepted Charlie Chaplin’s cane as a gift from an elderly woman in a wheel chair who was introduced as the oldest living actor to have worked with Chaplin himself. 

Sacha then broke out into a Charlie Chaplin inspired tap dance, fell forward after breaking the cane, and harshly knocked the elderly woman in the wheelchair off stage!

Attendees were horror struck, as they apparently had no idea it was setup.

Now the clip has instantly gone viral!

Read more about the awards show on DeadLine, USAToday, and PopWatch



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