Oct 302013
Swordfish Jumps Into Boat, Fisherman Jumps Out

This ridiculous video posted online by Dugomo has gone viral with over 1.6 million views since Sunday. 

While reeling in a giant marlin, the dangerous sea-creature ended up making the job easier by jumping directly onto the boat’s deck. But one of the fishermen had to literally jump overboard to prevent being stabbed by the fish’s sharp sword-like nose. 


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Oct 292013
Powerful Winds Tear Down Scaffolding In Denmark

This jaw-dropping video from the recent storms in Denmark has gone viral!

The hurricane-like winds were so powerful, construction scaffolding situated at one office building in the capital of Copenhagen was torn down as if it were a delicate Lego set. 


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Oct 282013
The Story oOf The World’s Favorite Fossil

Even those not focused on science and biology are no doubt familiar with the ancient sea creature, the Orthoceras, even if they’ve only seen pictures of it in their text books.

There’s even a Pokemon roughly based on the fossil

But what is the story of this strange, alien-like creature?

Hank Green of education channel Sci Show has stepped forward to explain the history for all to understand in basic terms.


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Oct 272013
Flock Of Ducks Invade CVS

YouTuber Aplue was shopping at CVS when “there was an incident.”

A flock of ducks somehow found their way into the popular drugstore chain, and invaded.

A pharmacist can be seen attempted to herd the ducks out of the store with a Swiffer in the short video while onlookers naturally tape the bizarre incident with the smartphones. 


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