Oct 022013
Water Droplets Travel Leidenfrost Maze

The Leidenfrost Effect is the scientific phenomenon in which water dropped on a hot surface floats on a cloud of its own vapor, seemingly slowing the evaporation process.

When the hot surface is given a rigged, saw-tooth-like texture, the drops of water are propelled in fixed direction. 

Undergraduate students Carmen Cheng and Matthew Guy at the University Of Bath took this concept to the next level by creating a Leidenfrost Maze which motivates droplets of water to correctly traverse through a set puzzle of avenues. 


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Oct 012013
Man Lives In Cube In New York City’s Astor Place

A common tourist attraction in New York City is the giant, spinning steel cube in Astor Place that’s been a landmark since 1967.

But unknown to others, Dave has been circumventing New York’s outrageous rent prices by living in the 500 sq ft cube for sometime as The Man in The Cube.

The interesting video is actually a subversive advertising campaign for business meditation company WHIL


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Oct 012013
Pedestrians Pretending To Be Hit By Cars In Russia Compilation

As most viewers know, dash-cameras are nearly standard in Russia for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons is to vindicate yourself when a nearby pedestrian falsely claims you hit them with your car.

Who would do that, one might ask? 

Car obsessed RoadCrash500 put together this compilation, roughly translated as For The Money Under The Wheels, to show just how common the fraudulent tactic is. 

The video published in the summer is trending now more than ever, and amassed over half a million views over the past two weeks. 


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Oct 012013
Grand Theft Auto 5 Prank

Don’t try this latest prank by Roman Atwood at home folks. 

In honor of the newest Grand Theft Auto video game to take the world by storm, Roman dressed in a sketchy outfit and asked strangers if they wanted to participate in illicit activities that are showcased in the M-rated game. 

People were shocked, intimidated, and scared by Roman’s offer until he revealed that he was just asking them to play GTA V with him. 


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Oct 012013
Asking Americans Which Is Better: Obamacare VS The Affordable Care Act

Politicians may seem stupid, but it’s no accident that the laws they put in place that circumvent freedom often include words like ‘patriot,’ ‘security,’ and ‘affordable.’

To demonstrate just how out of touch the everyday voter is, Jimmy Kimmel Live sent his usual crew to the streets of LA to ask which healthcare plan they preferred, the ‘Affordable Care  Act,’ or ‘Obamacare,’ the formal and unofficial name for the same law

Sadly, the passersby prove once again that the American people aren’t paying attention to what matters. 

Just remember, these people all get to vote. Shudder


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