Apr 012014
amish hous

The Amish are a resilient, self-sufficient people. That’s how they’ve survived for so many years with little technology in the rural parts of America

So what do you do when you’re Amish and need to move a house? You don’t use a crane or truck. You just assemble a team of 80 friends and family to help you literally pick it up and move it!

That’s exactly the scene Perry Clabbatz captured on camera in little Sparty, Pennsylvania. 

Now, the Facebook video is going viral with over 30,000 shares!


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Mar 312014
Coke Metos Trick Goes To Next Level With Nutella And Durex

The spraying Coke-Mentos meme is nearly as old as YouTube itself. Italian YouTuber Magic Mille has taken the gag to the next level, incorporating Nutella and a Durex rubber into the trick. 

His crazy video has gone viral over the weekend with over 625,000 hits already!


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Mar 302014
Liquid Boiling And Freezing At Same Time Will Blow Your Mind

This video seems to demonstrate sorcery. A liquid both boils and freezes at the same time!

Due to a drop in pressure, the mixture decreases in temperature. But the pressure drop also lowers the boiling point so the liquid both freezes and boils at the same time! This liquid is at what is called the triple point, a specific pressure and temperature that freezes, boils, and liquefies a substance all at once. 


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Mar 282014
Car Vent Spins Like Crazy

John Hickey‘s Pontiac apparently has a very special air vent. When he spins the vent to the side and cranks up the air pressure, the vent seems to spin at impossible speeds. Any faster and it might tear through the space-time continuum. The crazy video managed to amass over half a million hits in one day!


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