Apr 212014
Fallen Tree Incredibly Stands Back Up While Being Cut

Paul Firbas‘ friend had a fallen tree in his backyard after a storm. So what did he do? He grabbed his chainsaw and got to work, cutting the tree into manageable pieces to haul away. Amazingly though, once he cut off a large chunk from the top of the tree, the weight of the bottom of the tree pulled itself back up into its original upright position. 

What sorcery is this? Gravity!


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Apr 212014
Food Rains On Guy In Super Slow Motion

Eccentric YouTuber Steve Kardynal is using his online celebrity status to help promote the important charity Action Against Hunger

So what did he do?

He teamed up with Alex Negrete and the two each made a video of themselves being showered in different foods, all in slow motion. 

It’s an epic watch as the two are smothered in ketchup, cereal, noodles, and more!


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Apr 202014
Chimp Builds Fire And Toasts Marshmallows

To promote their Monkey Planet series, the BBC published this eye-opening clip on YouTube. Incredibly, a smarter than the average Bonobo demonstrates how to build a fire using matches. Of course, he’s been taught how, but it’s impressive nonetheless. 

What does a monkey do after building a campfire? Why, the same thing any Homo-sapien would. Roast marshmallows, of course! 


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Apr 192014
Darcy Oake Performs Out Of This World Dove Magic Tricks On Britain’s Got Talent

Most contestants on Britain’s Got Talent simply sing. Not illusionist Darcy Oake. He wooed the audience and judges with his impressive magic skills.

The practiced magician simply has a way with doves. Over and over, he seemingly pulls one bird of peace after another out of thin air! But he doesn’t stop there. His tricks only become more and more grand!

How’d he do that?!?


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Apr 192014
Epic Pen Spinning Will Mesmerize You

The nerds at Kuma Films, made up of “just two dudes and a camera,” published this video at the end of 2013, but it is trending now more than ever after being featured by YouTubeDigg, and Wimp.

Chinese pen spinners Ian Jenson and PPM star in the video and show off their magic on the streets. Ya, “pen spinning” is a thing, and it’s simply awesome!


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