Sep 162013
What If My Life Were An Action Movie

Let’s face it. Life can’t compete with the movies. Even boring, everyday tasks and duties are exciting and thrilling in an action flick.

That got popular YouTuber theDOMINICshow thinking, What If My Life Were An Action Movie? With his impressive editing skills and creativity, he was able to make his dreams come to life in this newly trending YouTube video


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Sep 152013
Road Rager Repeatedly Smashes Taxi To Clear A Path

NSFW Language Warning, Content

This video published by JukinVideo showcases a true case of road rage. With a taxi blocking the road, one woman couldn’t wait any longer, and took things into her own hands. 

She simply used her car as a battering ram to literally smash and push the obstructing taxi cab out of her way. 

“This is really happening!!” yelled one witness.  


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Sep 152013
Hawaiian Woman’s Long Last Name Doesn’t Fit On License

This news report by KHON2 News has gone viral over the weekend for the odd nature of its content.

The report covers Janice, a woman with such a long traditional Hawaiian last name that it doesn’t fit on her driver’s license. As a result, she often struggles when encountering police and government bureaucracy. 

Now, the viral report stands with over 400,000 hits.


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Sep 152013
Ohio University Marching Performs ‘What The Fox Say’ By Ylvis

Norwegian comedy group Ylvis exploded onto the viral video scene two weeks ago after debuting their latest music video, What The Fox Say. Amazingly, the video has already garnered over 27 million views.

In that honor, the Ohio University Marching Band 110, famous for covering Gangnam Style and more, performed a spot on rendition of The Fox during halftime of the OHIO Bobcats vs. Marshall Thundering Herd on September 14th, 2013.

The new video already has amassed over 125,000 hits!


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Sep 142013
Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Nicolas Cage Edition

The Internet truly loves the strange and weird. So it’s no surprise this extremely short and utterly disturbing clip has gone viral. 

The sub-ten second video by SukmywangBryanStars features a few seconds from Miley’s new single Wrecking Ball, but with a very strange Nicolas Cage twist. 

The quirky clip has already collected over 2.4 million.


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