Dec 302013
World’s Largest K’nex Ball Machine

Avid K’nex specialist Austron claims to have built the world’s largest K’next ball machine which is housed at The Works Museum in Bloomington, Minnesota. 

And no one dares to debate his claim as the machine is truly colossal, standing over 23 feet tall and containing over 100,000 pieces. 

“It takes 3 and a half minutes for a ball to climb to the top of the tallest tower.” 

His fingers must be killing him. 


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Dec 302013
Biggest Eagles Fan Freaks Out On The News After Eagles Beat The Cowboys

Mr. G is the unofficial biggest Eagles fan.

After the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Dallas Cowboys 24-22 on Sunday to make it to the playoffs, Mr. G totally let loose while being interviewed for local TV station ABC 6


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Dec 302013
Biggest Price Is Right Winner Wins Audi R8 Spyder Sports Car

As a part of their Best Of 2013, The Price Is Right merged Big Money Week and Dream Car Week to offer one lucky contestant an Audi R8 Spyder sports car.

It seems fitting that avid TPIR fan Sheree was that lucky contestant to play for the amazing prize. 

She played and won Gas Money to win the $157,000 Audi, and $10,000 in cash! The biggest prize in The Price Is Right daytime history according to CBS! 

The video is already featured on car focused sites such as AutoBlog, MotorAuthority, and Yahoo.


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Dec 302013
deer in basement

While Terran Alex and the family were enjoying some family time together on Christmas Eve, they heard a loud crash in the basement. Upon further inspection, they discovered a giant deer buck!

“It’s a buck!” the cameraman can be heard whispering with nervous enthusiasm.

“It’s huge!”

Shockingly, the buck only caused minor damage to the room. 

Naturally, a few of the family just had to take photos with the deer in the background. 

“Go home Rudolph, you’re drunk!”


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Dec 302013
KUTV Reporter Passes Out And Falls On Air, Finishes Segment Anyways

KUTV 2 News reporter Brooke Graham is a true professional. 

Just as she was beginning a segment on cross country skiing and asked her guest skiers her first question, she seemingly blacked out for a moment and fell backwards. 

Richard tried to catch her, but his skis impaired him. He quickly got down to help her, but she recovered immediately. 

“I just slipped and fell,” she said laughing off her on-air black out. 

The official video is quickly going viral, and is getting a kick star after being featured by DailyPicks and Gawker


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