Nov 062013
Insane Dunk Head Over The Rim

This short college basketball clip published by Hoopmixtape Blog has instantly gone viral! 

Sophomore Javonte Douglas of the University of Central Florida pulled off an ‘insane’ dunk, jumping so high his head was over the rim. Some viewers claim he had a boost from the players under him, but that doesn’t make his slam any less amazing in the eyes of the web. 

Already, the two day old video has garnered over 1.6 million hits!


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Nov 052013
Elk Plays On Trampoline

Greg Chase and his wife were sitting by their backyard, enjoying their morning coffee when they caught their elk neighbors getting into mischief. 

They have a lot of elk activity around Evergreen, Colorado where they live, but never have they seen this.

One of the young elk broke through the netting of their giant trampoline, and started playing around like a kid. 

But it quickly realized getting out was much more difficult than breaking in. 

Gregs notes that the only reason his wife suggested shooting it was to keep it from suffering if it got too badly hurt due to the hole in the trampoline.


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Nov 052013
Alison Gold’s ABCDEFG Has Viewers Asking WTF

Patrice Wilson of Patomuzic, the ‘music’ producer responsible for web ‘hits’ like It’s Thanksgiving and the more recent viral sensation Chinese Food, has returned with Alison Gold to offer viewers an apparent prequel to the MSG-themed tune. 

In ABCDEFG, Alison sings the ABC’s in a strange and disturbing muppet world that has viewers asking WTF?

The new music video is further featured on SayOMG, Gawker, DeathAndTaxes, and BuzzFeed


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Nov 052013
Picking Up Girls With A Ferrari Social Experiment

Remember Vitaly’s Gold Digger Test where he asked a girl out, and only after being turned down did he reveal he had a sweet Lamborghini? The girl quickly had a change of heart, and failed the test. That video managed to amass over 26 million hits!

While visiting Las Vegas, the boys of TrueStory ASA tried a similar prank by asking girls out on the street next to a Ferrari. 

Will girls put their plans on hold to impulsively hop into a super expensive car of a stranger? 


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Nov 052013
Jimmy Kimmel “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” Prank 2013

It has become an online Halloween tradition. 

Two years ago, Jimmy Kimmel asked his audience to tell their kids they ate their hard earned Halloween candy, and record the tears and cries

He did it again in 2012, and now he’s back this post-Halloween with more submissions of children howling and weeping over the the news that their parents apparently ate their sugary treats.

As expected, the 2013 video has instantly gone viral as the web clearly enjoys watching children cry in emotional pain. 


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