Nov 202013
Ram Screams Like Person

Online viewers will remember the strange meme of goats screaming like humans that took the web by storm at the start of this year. 

Like any good meme, it has recently resurfaced with a twist. 

This video by Animal Area has gone viral, and features a ram screaming like a human

Yes, WTF indeed. 


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Nov 202013
Jimmy Kimmel And Mario Batali Cook Dinner With Two Strangers

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel and celebrity chef Mario Batali teamed up to make the day for two strangers.

They found a random man biking, and asked to cook dinner at his home. They also brought a woman who happened to be passing by with them. 

With whatever Mario could find in the fridge, the foursome made a fancy dinner and enjoyed the tasty food with the sparks of love in the air. 

After Jimmy pranked the web with the twerking girl catching on fire video, the web is naturally doubtful of this latest video’s authenticity. 


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Nov 202013
Channing Tatum Spoofs Jean Claude Van Damme’s Volvo Splits Commercial

Last week, Volvo and Jean Claude Van Damme exploded online with their impressive collaborative commercial featuring the action star performing a split while standing on the side view mirrors of two Volvo trucks moving in reverse. 

The commercial quickly caught viral fire, and now stands with over 35 million hits!

Channing Tatum saw the commercial, and was inspired to make his own while also promoting his new movie 22 Jump Street. Naturally, his silly spoof of the impressive stunt doesn’t end as spectacularly.   


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Nov 202013
Ukrainian Honor Guard’s Awesome Hat Fail Recovery

When the leader of a friendly nation visits the president, the troops and guards conducting the formalities are under extra scrutiny. Perfection is not an option. 

So when one Ukrainian honor guard accidentally knocked his own hat off during his announcement of the arrival of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, he could have seriously embarrassed himself and his country. 

Luckily, he caught his hat with Jedi like reflexes, and even seemed to have impressed the world leaders.

“The best part is not the guard’s smooth recovery, but the way both presidents barely kept straight faces through the blunder,” says DailyPicksAndFlicks

The official YouTube channel of the President of Ukraine even posted the humorous video which has already garnered over 200,000 hits!



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Nov 202013
Chip Chocolate Cookie Dance Music Video

Jesse Wellens is well known on YouTube for his continuous prank war with his girlfriend Jenna which is featured on their channel Prank vs Prank. The two have over 4 million dedicated fans. 

Now, Jesse has assumed the rap name Chip Chocolate, and has already gone viral with his first rap video, Cookie Dance, which stands with over 1.8 million hits

That’s right. He’s rapping about cookies. 


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