Oct 202013
The Most Horrifying Parasites

Popular education channel Asap SCIENCE has left viewers uneasy after reviewing the most horrifying parasites ever just in time for Halloween.

These disturbing buggers, worms, and lice can enter the body in countless ways, from a mosquito bite to eating raw fish. Your best form of defense is to make sure to fully cook your food and wash your hands!



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Oct 192013
Russian Gas Station Attendant Break Dancing On A Car

Russia is famous for its ridiculous, jaw-dropping, and often outrageous dash-camera videos that creep onto the Western web.

Most involve dangerous close calls, crimes, and insurance charlatans pretending to be hit by cars. 

But for once, a dash-cam video has gone viral with a positive focus. 

In this newly trending video reposted by Lochlan Young, a gas station attendant doesn’t get mad at the waiting driver blasting dance music.

Instead, he goes crazy, break dancing on the car he is servicing. 

In just one day this specific video has amassed over half a million views, with plenty of other copies circling the web. The clip has also been featured on EliteDaily, DiggJalopnik, AutoEvolutionUpRoxx, and DailyMail


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Oct 192013
Dolly Parton Rapping On The Queen Latifah Show

The web is asking ‘WTF?’ after this new video of Dolly Parton rapping on the Queen Latifah Show has gone viral!

The famous country singer donned a blonde Afro wig, and performed a special hip-hop-country hybrid song for studio guests and now the world. 

The rap is quickly spreading across the web, and is further reviewed on Gawker, EOnlineLaughingSquid, HuffPost, and LATimes


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Oct 182013
Swimming 250 Feet Below Frozen Lake On One Breath World Record

Breatheology appropriately posted this Discovery video of Stig Severinsen setting a Guinness World Record with just one breath. The professional swimmer swam under a a frozen lake for 250 feet in frigid cold water wearing just a Speedo. All on just one breath of air. No wonder Stig was crowned as “The Ultimate Superhuman” by Discovery Channel.


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Oct 182013
Convos With My 2-Year-Old ‘The Princess Dolls’

Convos With My 2-Year-Old, the adorable and greatly popular dad and daughter YouTube series, continues to trend online. 

In this new viral episode that has already amassed over 700,000 views, dad attempts to interrupt Coco’s playtime to go to the pool.

But Coco, played by David Milchard, is busy with her princess dolls who have a very strange request of dad. 


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