Sep 252013
Mercedes-Benz Magic Body Roll Chicken Commercial

To promote their brand new ‘Magic Body Roll‘ suspension technology, Mercedes Benz commissioned this odd, yet entertaining commercial featuring… chickens?

Just as a chicken will keep its head perfectly still, even when the farmer moves its body, so to does the new Mercedes S-Class equipped with Magic Body Roll keep the car perfectly stable over any kind of bumps or potholes on the rode. 

In just two days the new video has gone viral, garnering over half a million views! The commercial is also featured on AutoBlog, NewsBusters, and CNEt


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Sep 252013
Fox Screaming In Backyard What The Fox Actually Says

The hit Norwegian comedian single What The Fox Say by Ylvis has truly taken the Internet by storm, and currently stands with over 53 million views!

But that got YouTube viewers wondering, what does the fox actually say?

Luckily, Ki Steiner posted this video way back in 2010 of a real fox in their backyard screaming the sound of a fox.

Before the Ylvis hit single Ki’s nature clip barely had any views, but now it has exploded with over 350,000 new hits!


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Sep 252013
Man VS Rhino Standoff

While filming for Discovery‘s show Man, Cheetah, Wild, cameramen Kim and Joules had a run in with an infamously dangerous animal of the jungle. A giant Black Rhino. 

Brazenly, Kim exited his jeep to get a close up of the rhino, but almost paid the ultimate price. He ended up in an intense and terrifying standoff with the great beast that almost charged him down numerous times. 

But Kim knew no matter what to stand his ground as the bull would instantly charge on his retreat. 

“A little too close for comfort…”



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Sep 232013
Parent Arrested For Questioning Common Core During Forum In Baltimore County

The controversial standardized school program Common Core has many parents nervous and upset. 

Superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools and Maryland Superintendent Lillian Lowery held a session for parents to air their questions and concerns about the program, but it seems they only wanted to hear positive comments. 

In this shocking video currently going viral, one irate parent was silenced and even arrested for simply questioning the educational bureaucrats. 

Since debuting over the weekend, video has garnered over 700,000 views after being featured on Examiner

Now, the video has been picked up by FoxNews, WashingtonPost, HufingtonPost, and TheBlaze.


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Sep 232013
Hamster Drives 15 Ton Volvo Truck

At the start of the month, Volvo president Claes Nilsson went viral by brazenly standing on one of his new trucks as it was hanging from giant crane. That commercial has already garnered over 2.2 million views

Now, Volvo continues to trend online. 

To demonstrate the smooth and effortless power steering on their brand new Volvo FMX trucks, world famous Swedish auto company commissioned this shocking experiment. 

With an adorable hamster on a special hamster-wheel connected to the steering, one daring driver influenced the cute rodent to direct the giant 15 ton truck through a rough quarry. 

And it seems the web is impressed as the two week old commercial has amassed over 4.3 million views already!


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