Mar 182014
Add-A-Sphere Allows Pond Fish To Swim Above Water’s Surface

Gardener Ted Greiner of TJB posted this video in 2008, but it is trending now with over 200,000 new views

The video demonstrates the Add-A-Sphere fish bowl which is stationed in a pond. After proper installation, pond fish will be able to swim ‘above’ the surface of the water. Truly an innovative addition to any backyard pond. 


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Mar 172014
How To Extend The Raise Of Your Car Key Fob Using Your Brain

Have you ever gone to the mall only to lose your car in the parking lot?

Professor Roger Bowley of The University of Nottingham and Sixty Symbols explains a simple yet ingenious trick how to extend the range of your key fob significantly so finding your car is that much easier. 

Simply touch the key fob to your head. That’s right, the water in your brain literally extends the range of the electromagnetic pulse. 


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Mar 172014
Lego Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube In Record Time

Robotics group ARMflix has smashed the world record for solving a Rubik’s Cube with their latest iteration of their Lego robot, the CUBESTORMER 3. 

Using a smartphone to ‘see,’ the ‘bot solved a jumbled Rubik’s Cube in a mind-numbing 3.25 seconds, a new Guinness World Record!

They accomplished the amazing feat at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham, UK. 


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