Feb 182014
Black Guy And White Guy Try To Break Into A Car Social Experiment

Simple Misfits conducted a simple social experiment. How will people react when a white guy tries to break into a car versus when a black guy tries? 

No one seems to bother the white guy who quits the experiment after some time. But the black guy is quickly confronted by law enforcement. 

A debate has erupted over the fact that the experiment wasn’t done at the same location. The white guy was in Little Tokyo, while the black guy attempted his break in on the busy, tourist packed Hollywood Blvd. Does that matter?

What do you think the video says about race in America?


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Feb 182014
Logan Paul Vine Compilation Part 2

These days, you really have to pack a lot into 7 seconds to become a popular Vine creator. And that’s exactly what Vine user Logan Paul specializes in. 

After his first Vine compilation on his Official channel garnered over 6 million views, he has returned with a second montage of hilarious, nonstop 7 second bursts of comedy. 


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Feb 182014
Russian Guys Take Their Drunk Friend Home In The Best Way Possible

Sofilux reports that this outrageous video was taken in Russia. And it seems no one online is questioning that fact.

After a long night of drinking, two men made sure to get their wasted friend home safely. 

How exactly? By dragging him by his legs through the snow of course. 


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Feb 172014
Octopus Grabs Scuba Diver’s Camera

Divers Warren Murray and David Malvestuto were swimming off the coast of Point Lobos in Carmel, California when they encountered a serious sea creature of epic proportions. 

A Giant Pacific Octopus found the two divers, and became captivated by Murray’s expensive underwater camera. The octopus actually grabbed the camera, and only let go when Murray activated the camera’s bright flash.

Read more on KSBW.


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