Mar 282016
University Of Michigan Frat Boy A$$ Verbally Abuses Uber Rider After Being Cancelled

The great thing about Uber is that the drivers aren’t the only ones being rated. The passengers are also. Apparently, a bunch of University of Michigan frat boys were cancelled by Uber driver Artur Zawada for an unknown reason. 

But it becomes obvious that he clearly had a good reason after one of the cancelled frat boys verbally abused him on camera. Now, this clip has gone viral!


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Mar 252016
going Dumpster Diving For Food In Manhattan

New York City is famous as one of the most expensive cities to live in on Earth. Simple things like food can cost a fortune there. To demonstrate the excessive waste in the Big Apple, Gothamist sent a reporter out to the streets of Manhattan to see how much good, clean food he could find for free in the trash. The results might shock you!


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Mar 242016
Man Survives  Terrorist Attacks In Boston, Paris, Brussels

It’s of course terrible and terrifying when a terror attack strikes. But thankfully, the odds of being hurt in a terror attack are still very low in America. But somehow, one unlucky–yet super lucky person survived three separate terror attacks, in Boston, Paris, and now Brussels. ABC News reports the shocking and strange story in this video.  


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Mar 222016
Lil Dicky Show His Neurotic Side In Safe Condom Use Commercial

You know you’ve made it as a rapper when you find yourself in a safe sex condom commercial. OK, maybe not, but still. Up and comer rapper Lil Dicky has made it as he’s teamed up with Trojan to star in a condom commercial. 

But instead of starring in a cool and sexy ad, Dicky apparently channeled his inner Larry David to neurotically explain how stressful it is to have unprotected sex without a condom. 


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