Oct 092012

Solving a Rubik’s cube in record time is a standard genre online, and it seems a new time record is broken every couple of months. 

But –who happens to be a workout fanatic and a fan of Rubik’s cubes– has broken a new,very unique record. In just 25 seconds, he solves a Rubik’s cube using just one hand. The other hand just happens to be performing one handed push ups. 

What did you do today?

The month old video has over 120,000 hits, and is starting to trend more than ever now. 


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Sep 142012

 is constantly published videos of new broken world records from all genres. So what’s so special about this latest video that just went viral?

It’s about the world’s tallest dog. Naturally, the Internet loves this story about the Great Dane Zeus from Michigan who measures in at 44 inches. That’s over three and a half feet! 


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Jul 262012

This  report on the man with the world’s stretchiest skin has gone viral, being viewed more than 65,000 times in two days. Gary Stretch unofficially has the stretchiest skin on the planet, and shows off his ‘talent’ at the Priceless London Wonderground’s freak show. Read more on DailyMail


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Jul 252012

The Pearls of Russia women’s skydiving team just set a new world record with their 88 person team flower formation in the sky.  reports the first two attempts were unsuccessful, but the third time did the trick. The video is featured on DigitalJournal, msnNow, and CurrentTV


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Jul 232012

Justin Bethel was the last athlete to go viral for his impressive vertical jump skills. The Presbyterian College football star jumped up 60 inches onto a box that’s been seen over 900,000 times online. 

But there’s always another athlete waiting around the corner to smash the record, and that athlete this time is work out obsessed . At his local Cream City CrossFit that he calls his second home, he impressively performed a 64 inch vertical jump.

Since the video was published over the weekend, it has amassed over 230,000 hits, and is featured on AllThingsGym and DailyPicks.




And in slow motion:


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