Jul 092013

Hula-hooping isn’t exactly the manliest of sports. So to take the sport to the next level, Paul “Dizzy Hips” Blair has done the once impossible. 

Using his hips made of steel, he hula-hoops a number of rotations using a 100 pound monster truck tire. Now, Paul is the only man on the Earth to hula-hoop using a giant tractor tire. 

The video is featured on Mirror, CBSNews, and HuffPost.


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Jun 192013

The Oakley Pro Bali surfing competition just started in Indonesia, and already one of the athletes has gone viral. John John Florence performed a jaw-dropping launch off of a large wave into the air. 

Not only does John seem to fly for a moment, but he doesn’t even touch his board for stability, a show of serious skill. 

All Oakley has to comment is, “10 point air. Nothing more to say.” 

Already, the new video has amassed over a quarter million hits


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Apr 172013

Adrienn Banhegyi is arguably one of the greatest jump rope artists in the world. After all, she does hold two world records, works for Cirque du Soleiland has won the World and European Jump Rope Championships several times.

While on a trip through Europe, popular cinemagrapher Devin Supertramp met Adrienn by chance in Budapest, Hungary, and they decided to make a quick video featuring her impressive moves and maneuvers. 


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Feb 282013

Juggling in and of itself is difficult enough to master, but Sir Ravi the juggler takes his hobby a step further. He can juggle and solve a Rubik’s cube… at the same time.

In this new video published by Steve Berke Comedy, Ravi juggles two balls and a Rubik’s Cube. In very little time, he throws down the two balls and shows the solved cube to his astounded audience. 


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