Nov 082012

 claims little Massey as the world’s smallest dog. And most would agree as the ‘tiny terrier’ is only 7 cm tall, 12 cm long, and weighs only 250 grams. That’s only a little more than half a pound! She’s basically the size of a hamster, and one could argue one of the cutest things on Earth. 

(OMG, who else wants tiny, little, cute hamster-dogs?!?!)


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Nov 082012


YouTuber  is famous online for eating the strange, disgusting, and just repulsive, all in very short amounts of time.

But he took things to the next level with his latest video, attempting to drink an entire bottle of Everclear, the highest alcohol by volume drink that is safe for human consumption. That’s 190 proof, or 95% alcohol!

Just while opening the sealed box, he breathes deeply to try to calm his nerves. Even this professional drinker knows the wrath of the Everclear.

Amazingly, he is successful, drinking the entire bottle in just 14 seconds! This makes the time he drank an entire bottle of Absolut vodka look like child’s play. 


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Oct 152012

After high winds delayed the event last week, Daredevil Felix Baumgartner has finally made history over the weekend performing a record breaking jump from space.

The 43 year old Austrian teamed up with Red Bull Stratos to accomplish the incredible 128,100 feet jump from the stratosphere that also helped him pass the speed of sound. The skydiving pro reached a high speed of 833mph during his four minute free fall. 

The story is further featured on ABCNews, MSNBC, and WashingtonPost


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Oct 092012

Solving a Rubik’s cube in record time is a standard genre online, and it seems a new time record is broken every couple of months. 

But –who happens to be a workout fanatic and a fan of Rubik’s cubes— has broken a new,very unique record. In just 25 seconds, he solves a Rubik’s cube using just one hand. The other hand just happens to be performing one handed push ups. 

What did you do today?

The month old video has over 120,000 hits, and is starting to trend more than ever now. 


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Sep 142012

 is constantly published videos of new broken world records from all genres. So what’s so special about this latest video that just went viral?

It’s about the world’s tallest dog. Naturally, the Internet loves this story about the Great Dane Zeus from Michigan who measures in at 44 inches. That’s over three and a half feet! 


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