Jun 122012

Sometimes, you have to go to an altered state of consciousness to find true wisdom. Thus is the case with Chaddy after arriving home from wisdom teeth surgery. He seems incredibly out of it, yet excited and fidgety, and it must be because he’s finally seeing with his third eye.

Just some of the knowledge he drops includes: 

“You’re The Mom, you know what’s best.”

“You gotta like say something before you touch me, like say like, ‘Chad, I’m gonna touch your arm.’”

“Russia, do they wear the big hats?”

Overall, Chaddy seems like a really good guy. 


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Apr 022012

This video from last March just went viral this weekend on Facebook, Tumblr, and Reddit, amassing over 60,000 views in just days. Like so many before her, ‘s mom recorded her after having her wisdom teeth removed. As usual, it’s tons of fun. 


The fun continues in part 2.

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Feb 282012

Post surgery videos are always popular online, especially after a wisdom teeth removal procedure. This video from 2010 just went viral after being featured on Reddit, and subsequently all over the blogosphere, such as on Buzzfeed and TastefullyOffensive. After arriving home after having her wisdom teeth removed, Nina’s move pulls a David After Dentist and interviews her daughter. All Nina can ask is, ‘What’s in my mouth?’


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Mar 142011

There are so many viral post-wisdom teeth videos online, it’s hard to count. People just can’t get enough of these video of kids drugged up. Hilary was blasted after her extraction and was sure that Ellen Degeneres was in the room with her. She’s just sure of it.

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Sep 182010

These two siblings have some fun after they both had their wisdom teeth pulled. They were recently featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. I don’t get these ‘high’ after teeth pulled videos. There are so many of these videos of people after anesthesia, but people love them!

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