Mar 212015
Will Ferrell Dresses As Little Debbie On The Tonight Show

Comedian and actor Will Ferrell is well known for taking his comedy very seriously. When he commits to a gag he goes all the way. While visiting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Will came out dressed exactly like Little Debbie, the mascot for the popular baked goods company. Now, this ridiculous late night clip has gone viral. 


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Feb 162015
Celebrity Jeopardy Returns On SNL 40th Anniversary

One of Saturday Night Live‘s most popular and famous recurring sketches was Celebrity Jeopardy. Will Ferrell always played Alex Trebek, and Darrell Hammond always played a very inappropriate Sean Connery.

In honor of SNL’s 40th anniversary, Will and Darrell returned to bring Celebrity Jeopardy back to life one more time with Kate McKinnon as Justin Bieber, Alec Baldwin as Tony Bennett, Norm Macdonald as Burt Reynolds, Taran Killam as Christoph Waltz, Jim Carrey as Matthew McConaughey, and Kenan Thompson as Bill Cosby.


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Feb 022015
Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, And Jimmy Fallon Have An Epic Lip Sync Battle

Jimmy Fallon has become more famous for his hilarious games and sketches he frequently enjoys with his guests on The Tonight Show than the usual, old fashion interviews. One of his most popular segments is the lip sync battle when he and his guest will take turns lip syncing their hearts out to a hit pop song. For this Super Bowl episode, Jimmy battled comedians Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, and it’s simply legend-wait for it…


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May 232014
Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Have A Drum-Off On Tonight Show

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith look so similar, it’s actually hard to tell who’s who. But more importantly, who is the better drummer, comedian Ferrell, or Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Smith? The answer may seem obvious, but Jimmy Fallon still felt it necessary to hold a drum off between the two stars. In one day this video has gone viral with over 1.8 million views!


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Dec 042013
Ron Burgundy Interviews Peyton Manning On SportsCenter

Has there ever been this much hype for a Hollywood sequel? 

Ron Burgundy, played by Will Ferrell, continues to appear in real life media to promote his new movie Anchorman 2.

After co-anchoring the news in North Dakota, and hosting the curling championship in Canada, Ron was invited onto ESPN‘s SportsCenter to interview quarterback Peyton Manning.

Naturally, the silly interview is going viral. 


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