Jan 292014
“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Local News Super Cut

Once again, Conan has proved that the ‘local’ news in America isn’t really all that local. It seems every news station gets the same stories from just one centralized source. 

This time, Conan‘s editors have compiled countless local news anchors all telling the nation the same thing.

Don’t worry, be happy.”

Somewhat disturbing. 


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Jan 282014
The Most Entertaining Ping Pong Match Ever

This ping pong match between Jean-Michel Saive and Chuang Chih-yuan has gone viral with over half a million views

The game starts out like any other professional table tennis match with impressive shots and returns.

But the game quickly crosses the line over to the bizarre and hilarious as the two pros start to poke fun at themselves and pull off outlandish dramatics and shenanigans.  


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Jan 282014
Giant Cruise Liner ‘Parks’ In Between Two Ships On The Coast

What happens when boats get ‘sick and old?’

They are disassembled on land.

This viral video posted by Ender Ozer demonstrates exactly what the engineers do to take a giant cruise ship out of commission. They delicately ‘park’ it on the coast into the mud. 


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Jan 272014
This Image That Can Really Break Your Brain

Tom Scott, who makes it his mission to enlighten people of things they may not have known, discusses the mysterious McCollough Effect.

If one stares at the red and green striped image he displays on the screen, it can cause actual damage to your brain, switching how one perceives colors for an extended period of time.  

Please don’t try this one at home. You’ve been warned. 


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