Feb 082014
Air Hockey Robot Is Better At The Game Than You Are

The age of the robots is here.

Engineer Jose Julio built and programmed an air hockey robot completely from scratch using a 3D printer. The AHRobot is better at air hockey than any human competitor. 

Wonder what would happen if you pit two AHRobots against each other…


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Feb 052014
52 Animal Impressions Using Household Objects

Remember the ultra viral how animals eat their food video that was so ridiculously good?

Keir Moffatt is trending with a similar concept. He performs 52 animal impressions, but uses only household objects to create his animal costumes. The costumes are so terrible, it’s hilarious. 

Can you identify all of the outrageous animals?  


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Feb 042014
Chimpnology Will Have You Asking WTF?

This outrageous video by UK animator Cyriak Harris has gone viral, being featured by LaughingSquid, Neatorama, BoingBoing, and even YouTube and YouTubeTrends

The video, titled Chimpnology, features dancing, mutating chimps from the 1960′s short film BflOggGX = STwWcfl x 2s4.

Monkeys, dancing, crazy music, it’s no surprise the clip is popular online. 


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Feb 042014
Asking Google Now How Many Countries There Are In The World

Google Now’s search by voice is a convenience that rivals Siri, but even Google can’t be perfect. 

When SpiderDice asked Google how many countries there are in the world, he received an outrageous answer. It’s even funnier when said out loud. 


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