Jan 192014
Guy Successfully Removes Last Bottom Jenga Piece Without Collapsing Tower

Everyone knows that once the two side bottom pieces are removed during a game of Jenga, the last block is untouchable.

Somehow, Kaleb Vidal successfully removed the bottom middle bar while keeping the rest of the tower in tact by exploiting some simple physics.

Many viewers can’t help but note he technically cheated, but still. That’s impressive!


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Jan 192014
Cargo Ship Tips Over To Dump Lumber

The transport ship Seaspan Harvester in British Columbia, Canada has a very unique way of delivering its load of lumber.

Instead of using a crane or other heavy machinery to unload its haul, the boat literally tips over at a 45 degree angle, and dumps its cargo of wood into the water.


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Jan 172014
UPS Stumbles Upon Apocalyptic Scene

Youtuber OutdoorsPOV is a UPS man who delivers to the same nursing hospital on a daily basis.

But today was not like any other day. Instead of being greeted by a busy healthcare center, he discovered the place barren.

No cars, staff, or patients, but the lights were on and the place was a mess.

Could this be the Apocalypse?

“It was very creepy walking in.”

He appropriately titled his video How I imagine I’ll see a zombie for the first time


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Jan 152014
Beatboxing In Slow Motion Is The Stuff From Your Nightmares

In this new video, German DJ Flula asks if his viewers “would like to see how beat boxing does look in slow motion?”

With the help of Smarter Every Day, he then proceeds to show viewers the nightmare that is beat boxing lips in slow motion.

That’s OK, who needs sleep anyways?


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