Jan 102014
Genius Dog Climbs On Counter, Opens Oven, Steals Chicken Nuggets

Rodd Scheinerman has one very smart, and daring, pet beagle

While he was out of the room, he set up a camera to watch the kitchen and keep an eye on Lucy.

He never imagined that she would have the intuition to move a chair to the counter, climb up onto the counter, open the hot toaster oven, and pull out the tray of cooking chicken nuggets for an unofficial snack.

The video was actually posted in July, but is going viral again now.


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Jan 092014
Woman Eats 72 Ounce Steak In Less Than 3 Seconds For World Record

Sayler’s steakhouse in Portland, Oregon has a famous 72 oz steak challenge where competitors are challenged to eat the steak and two sides in just an hour. 

The last record was nearly seven minutes, but Molly Schuyler finished the giant 4.5 pound hunk of meat in just under three minutes


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Jan 092014
10 Shocking Facts About McDonald’s

McDee’s is so ubiquitous, there are even Americans who know the Big Mac song better than the national anthem!

Popular list show All Time 10′s decided to delve deep down fast food rabbit whole, and serve up a hot and crispy list of 10 Shocking Facts About McDonald’s.

The new video has amassed over one million views!


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Jan 082014
Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared Part 2 Will Have You Asking WTF?

Way back in 2011, the strange and somewhat disturbing muppet video Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared went viral with over 13 million views.

Creators Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling have finally returned with a sequel that is just as mesmerizing and weird. 

Read more on TheVerge and FastCoCreate


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Jan 062014
How To Make A Bubble Cube

For his latest project, the Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates how to make a bubble cube. 

First, make a stick cube out of Q-tips, and dunk it into soapy water. You should be left with inverted bubble triangles with a square in the middle. 

For the cherry on top, the Crazy Russian Hacker blew a bubble through the center which created a bubble cube


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