Jan 152015
Swedish City Has Very Unique Way Of Saying ‘Yes’

‘Yes’ is one of the most universal words in the world. Nearly every country has some variation of the world of confirmation that all sound somewhat similar. Except for the city of Umeå in northern Sweden. The European experts at The Local Europe explain that they have a very unique way of saying ‘yes’ that is quite surprising. This video has gone viral with over half a million hits!


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Jan 142015
Girls Try To Pee Standing Up For The First Time

There are many differences between men and women. One of the most obvious ones is that men can pee standing up while women are forced to sit. This leads to the famous toilet seat up or down debate with couples. But what if girls could pee standing up like guys?

There are some new devices available that allows women to pee standing up, and BuzzFeed had some of their female staff members try one out to see how it feels.

Ladies, would you ever try it?


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Jan 092015
Giant Homemade Redneck Margarita Machine Using Garbage Disposal Is Genius

There’s a famous saying online that goes “if it’s stupid, and works, it’s not stupid.” That line certainly applies to this homemade margarita machine. The giant, 10 gallon ‘red neck’ machine is made out of two water coolers and a 1.5 horse power garbage disposal.

Absolutely genius! This older video from 2012 has only gone viral now just in time for the weekend!  


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Jan 052015
Laser Cleaning Large Baking Trays Is Oddly Mesmerizing

Industrial company LaserAge is a premier supplier of commercial laser systems and accessories. As every cook and chef knows all too well, there’s nothing more stubborn than grease baked on cooking trays. When you have giant baking trays for a factory kitchen, cleaning them can seem impossible. That’s where LaserAge’s cleaning lasers come in. Just watch as they clean a filthy baking tray with a high tech laser beam. Ahhh. So satisfying. 


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Jan 052015
Shooting A Giant Gummy Bear

Cars And Water enjoys conducting strange and bizarre science experiments with extreme cold and heat. For his latest experiment, he shot the world’s largest gummy bear with a rifle and then a 12 gauge shot gun. Then, he froze the bear in super cold liquid nitrogen and shot it again. What a difference! This strange video has gone viral with over one million hits!


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