Dec 272014
Man Finds The Nicest Gas Station Bathroom Ever

Big Smile No Teeth was driving on a road trip when he stopped at a random Shell station to refuel and re-energize. When he stopped off at the bathroom he couldn’t believe his eyes. Most people expect to be horrified by gas station restrooms, but this one was the complete opposite! It was gorgeous! It’s nicer than most people homes! 


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Dec 202014
Dogs With Human Hands Enjoy Holiday Dinner

The dog-with-human-hands-gag has been done plenty of times before on the Internet. It’s a classic. But healthy pet food company Fresh Pet has just taken it to the next level. They set up an entire holiday dinner for a slew of dogs, and one cat, with human hands to enjoy a fresh and delicious Christmas meal.

Naturally, the Internet is loving this video which has already amassed over 3.5 million hits in less than a week!


Thanks Fresh Pet

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Dec 192014
Possum ‘Breaks In’ To Man’s Kitchen For Some Dinner

Alex Steel was shocked when he walked into his kitchen to see a possum had climbed in through an open window and was enjoy some yummy bread for dinner. Alex tried to ask the possum to leave by using a wooden spoon to persuade him out the window, but the little possum was a bad guest and insisted on finishing dinner first.  


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Dec 182014
Weird Al Yankovic Performs Simple Magic Floating Orb Trick

Musician Weird Al Yankovic is well known for his hilarious pop music parodies. But now he’s dabbling in the realm of magic. This silly magic trick video in which Weird Al mysteriously makes an orb float has instantly gone viral. Of course, the trick doesn’t seem so magical once viewers see how it is done. 


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Dec 162014
Jimmy Fallon And Oprah Winfrey Perform In Soap Opera With Ridiculous Vocal Effects

While hosting media queen Oprah Winfrey on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon admitted to the audience that the two had dabbled in a little bit of soap opera acting. The soap was called Midnight Meadows, and seemed like any standard soap except for one thing. The director kept adding ridiculous effects to their voices. The results are hilarious. 


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