Mar 282014
Car Vent Spins Like Crazy

John Hickey‘s Pontiac apparently has a very special air vent. When he spins the vent to the side and cranks up the air pressure, the vent seems to spin at impossible speeds. Any faster and it might tear through the space-time continuum. The crazy video managed to amass over half a million hits in one day!


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Mar 272014
Penn State’s Squirrel Whisperer Makes Them Little Hates To Take Their Picture

Mary Krupa is a student at Penn State, and has become known as the Squirrel Whisperer. The campus is famous for their friendly squirrels, but no one can interact with the furry rodents like Mary can. 

They trust her so much that she is even able to place tiny hats she makes on them to take the cutest pictures ever.

She has a popular Facebook page that has over 13,000 Likes where she features her adorable photography.  

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Mar 272014
Goat Simulator Trailer Is The Strangest Thing You’ll See Online Today

The Internet has a very strange obsession with goats. Remember the goats screaming meme?

Well that’s got nothing on this new, very real, trailer for a new game on Steam called Goat Simulator.

“Goat Simulator is the latest in goat simulation technology, bringing next-gen goat simulation to YOU. You no longer have to fantasize about being a goat, your dreams have finally come true!”

Um, yea….

The trailer has gone viral with over 700,000 views so far. No doubt, the game will become a best seller. 


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Mar 272014
Australian Construction Workers Yell Empowering Statements To Women Snickers Commercial

In this viral Snickers Australia commercial, Aussie construction workers break the stereotype that they are all a bunch of pigs by yelling empowering statements to women as they pass by their work.

The new ad has over half a million views, but viewers are debating the implications of its ending. 

“You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

Meaning what exactly?


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Mar 252014
Bikers Feed Lost Baby Moose Gatorade

This video from 2012 has only gone viral now. 

Barryollerhead and his biker buddies stumbled upon a baby moose on the road. It seemed to be hungry and thirsty, and with no mama moose in sight, the bikers took it upon themselves to help the little guy. 

All they had was a bottle of Gatorade. It took minute of trying to convince the baby to take a drink, but once it tasted the sweet, sugary nectar, the moose finished the bottle of grape Gatorade while they waited for animal rescue to come. 


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