Jan 052015
Shooting A Giant Gummy Bear

Cars And Water enjoys conducting strange and bizarre science experiments with extreme cold and heat. For his latest experiment, he shot the world’s largest gummy bear with a rifle and then a 12 gauge shot gun. Then, he froze the bear in super cold liquid nitrogen and shot it again. What a difference! This strange video has gone viral with over one million hits!


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Dec 292014
2014 In One Minute Music Video Is The Trippiest Year In Review Video Out There

Now is the time when everyone is making year in review videos. Most are serious compilations of the year’s most famous events, news stories, and Internet memes. But this outrageous video by Animation Domination High-Def is just a little bit different. The wrap up video is only one minute long, but that might be all it takes to melt your brain.


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Dec 292014
GOAT Music Video Is The Greatest Of All Time

The Internet has a lot of very strange obsessions. Cats, Taylor Swift, and My Little Pony are just a few examples. Another is the goat. For some reason, the Internet loves goats. Realizing this, Animation Domination High-Def made this ridiculous GOAT music video, which covers all of the Greatest things Of All Time. 


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Dec 272014
Man Finds The Nicest Gas Station Bathroom Ever

Big Smile No Teeth was driving on a road trip when he stopped at a random Shell station to refuel and re-energize. When he stopped off at the bathroom he couldn’t believe his eyes. Most people expect to be horrified by gas station restrooms, but this one was the complete opposite! It was gorgeous! It’s nicer than most people homes! 


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Dec 202014
Dogs With Human Hands Enjoy Holiday Dinner

The dog-with-human-hands-gag has been done plenty of times before on the Internet. It’s a classic. But healthy pet food company Fresh Pet has just taken it to the next level. They set up an entire holiday dinner for a slew of dogs, and one cat, with human hands to enjoy a fresh and delicious Christmas meal.

Naturally, the Internet is loving this video which has already amassed over 3.5 million hits in less than a week!


Thanks Fresh Pet

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