Jun 042014
Boiling Coca-Cola Has Gross Results

Countless people drink a soda or two a day. There’s no arguing it’s delicious, but do you even realize what you are drinking? To demonstrate what’s really inside your Coke, the Crazy Russian Hacker boiled a bottle of the dark sweet beverage on the stove. All that’s left is a nasty dark syrup. It’s just plain nasty. 


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Jun 022014
GoPro Records The Inside Of Running Dishwasher

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside your dishwater when you close the door and turn it on? It makes all those strange noises, but what is actually going on? The Internet has finally found out thanks to this trending video by Bito. He put a GoPro camera inside of his dishwater and hit the on button. The video is actually a year old, but has only gone viral now with over one million new views


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May 302014
Covering Heavy Metal On Banjo Is Ridiculous

Country music is most known for relaxing river music and square dancing. Most people do not connect country with heavy metal rock music. That’s exactly why musician Rob Scallon merged the banjo with Slayer. This outrageous cover of Raining Blood has gone viral with over 1.5 million views over the week. 



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May 202014
What Your Fridge Says About You

The contents of a person’s refrigerator says a lot of about them. A fridge full of sports drinks and hot sauce is obviously the fridge of a single man. Left over chicken casserole and white wine? No doubt that’s the fridge of a mom. But what about a fridge full of pudding? Ahh, this Rhett & Link skit ends with a twist no one could expect. 


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