Jun 292014
Guy Puts On Pants Without Using Any Hands

Talk about a useless skill. Chinese YouTuber Now 夠了沒 is basically the Superman of pants. Watch as he puts his pants on without the help of his hands or arms in less than a minute! Naturally, the Web is very impressed with his trick. This video has instantly gone viral with over 350,000 hits!  


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Jun 252014
Cat Awkwardly Meets House Guest Cat

Ben Frisch was babysitting for a friend’s cat, and thought it would be a good time for his kitty to make a new friend. The only problem is, his cat turned out to be awkward and anti-social. This hilarious interaction between the two felines has instantly gone viral with over 800,00 views!


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Jun 202014
Identical Twins Chewing Gum Experiment

Beldent chewing gum commissioned this social experiment which is now going viral. At the Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires, a slew of twins were placed around a room. One twin was chewing gum while the other simply sat motionless. When asked questions about the twins, nearly 70% of visitors reacted more positively to the one chewing gum. 


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Jun 192014
What If The Earth Stopped Spinning

We may not feel it, but the Earth is constantly spinning at over 300 meters per second. But what would happen if the Earth suddenly stopped spinning? Michael of Vsauce explains that the moment the Earth, stopped everything that is not Earth would fly east at over 1,000 miles per hour! And that’s just the start. It all goes downhill from there. 


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Jun 102014
Jimmy Fallon And Jennifer Lopez Perform Tight Pants Dance

This is one of Jimmy Fallon‘s more weird segments, but that doesn’t matter–the Internet is loving it! While wearing extremely tight pants, Jimmy performed a dance song in honor of his favorite slacks. But wait! Jennifer Lopez also loves her tight pants. There’s not enough room for two tight pants lovers on this stage!


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