Jan 182016
Guy Makes Steak Dinner In Hotel Room Using The Iron

Most of us have seen the trick where you make a grilled cheese sandwich in a pinch using just some wax paper and a iron. Well Brothers Green Eats decided to try this cooking trick on something a little more substantial: Steak. 

How did it come out? Actually, not that bad. 


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Jan 022016
Kid With Extremely Flexible Neck Will Shock You

Some people have double-joined arms or wrists. As a result, they can bend their arms in inconceivable ways. This kid must have something incredible in his neck and back, because he is able to hug someone behind him while is head is still facing forward. This shocking video has gone viral over the past week with over 2.5 million views!


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Dec 212015
Devils Fingers Or Octopus Fungus Emerging Is The Creepiest Thing Ever

You have most likely never seen or even heard of the Devils Fingers, aslo known as the Octopus Fungus. It’s an extremely weird fungus that is indigenous to Australia and Tasmania. That’s no surprise. But what is shocking is how the plant looks when it emerges from its ‘egg.’ So creepy! This video has only gone viral now with over one million new views!


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Dec 192015
Girls From Sweden And Ireland Are Perfect Doppelgängers

There’s a social networking site for everyone these days. Twin Strangers is one of the most unique ones out there. The specialty site focuses on people who look very similar, called a Doppelgänger in German. After two girls from Ireland and Sweden found each other on the site, they met up in Dublin for a very special Christmas miracle. 


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Dec 122015
Mailman Fights Off Turkeys With Big Stick

If you ask a child what animal likes to chase the mailman, nearly every single kid would answer “dog.” But that’s not the case in the town where CapeCodWave lives. Instead of dogs chasing and biting the mailman, there are wild turkeys! 

Turkeys everywhere! It seems to be such a standard issue that the mailman walks around with a big stick to fend the giant birds off. 


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