Apr 112016
Burger King Employees Smash All Their Windows After Prank

Prank calls to fast food restaurants go back as far as the telephone. But apparently, a few staff members at a Burger King fell for a serious doozy. A crank-caller told them they were from the gas company and that they had to smash all of the glass windows of the restaurant “because of the pressure.” Ya, that’s it. And the staff fell for it! This clip taken by a passerby has gone viral with over 750,000 hits!


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Apr 072016
Shooting, Cutting, And Exploding Oobleck Science Experiment

The Backyard Scientist teamed up with Mark Rober to perform some super interesting science experiments. They made some oobleck, which is simply corn starch and water that becomes a non-newtonian substance.

The silly putty goo reacts very uniquely when shot, chopped, and exploded. The results are eye opening. 


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Apr 062016
Kite Surfing Gone Wrong

Kite surfing can be a thrilling, exciting sport. You are literally propelled through the water with the power of the wind. While kite surfing with his buddies, this guy got some serious air. Then one friend recommended that he “loop it.”

That’s when things went crazy, crazy wrong. This clip was posted in 2013, but has gone viral again now with over 250,000 new views!



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Apr 052016
Swiss Army Man Trailer

Most movie trailers these days look the same. In about 10 seconds you can decipher if the film is an action-sci-fi or romantic-comedy. But every once in a while, a movie trailer shocks and wows audiences. 

This trailer for Swiss Army Man is one of those trailers. It’s just… wow!


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