Apr 302015
Just A Barefoot Man Chasing A Runaway Camel On The Highway In Dubai

We all know that the Middle East is a little bit different than the good old USA, but this hilarious video by Norma Johnston truly demonstrates just how extreme that difference is. While driving down the highway in Dubai, a group of tourists saw a runaway camel being chased by a barefoot man dressed in a traditional white Bedouin thawb robe. 


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Apr 292015
Pouring Molten Aluminum In A Watermelon Has Surprising Results

For some reason, The Backyard Scientist decided to perform a very unique and creative experiment. After melting aluminum in a homemade foundry, he poured the liquefied metal into a watermelon. He didn’t know what would happen, but he never expected this

The aluminum found tiny channels in the melon and created a gorgeous and intricate cast similar to when scientists have poured melted metal into an ant hill


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Apr 282015
Octopus Chases And Captures Crab

Apparently, people aren’t the only ones who enjoy crab for dinner. Bettina Turnbull was at the Rose Bay ferry wharf in Sydney, Australia when they noticed an octopus chasing a crab in the waters below. This viral video showcases the moment when the octopus grabbed the crustacean and ate it for lunch. All it needs is a dash of salt and a little butter sauce.  


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Apr 172015
Woman Finds Her Twin Stranger Doppelgänger Online And Meets Her

Just a few weeks ago, three friends started a unique challenge to find their Twin Strangers or doppelgängers online. Submissions from around the world quickly started to pour in. Niamh’s twin stranger was so similar the two decided to meet in real life. 

Now, this new video has gone viral with over 3.5 million hits!


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Apr 162015
Dropping A Burning Hot Ball Of Nickel Of Jaw Breaker Has Epic Results

The Jaw Breaker is one of the most intense candies out there with its colorful multiple layers. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you place a burning hot ball of metal on one? Probably not, but Cars And Water wanted to find out. The results just might blow your mind. First it explodes shards of sweet, burnt sugar bits. Then it melts into gooey nastiness. It looks like a scene from Ghost Busters. 


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