Jul 012015
Americans Try Surströmming, The Smelliest Food In The World

Every culture and nation has their own beloved dish that seems weird and even slightly gross to outsiders. But some countries take this concept to the extreme. Surströmming is a traditional fish delicacy in Sweden that is made from fermented herring. Yum. It’s is considered one of the smelliest foods in the world. A group of daring BuzzFeeders decided to try out the salty, stinky fish to see what what all the fuss is about. Hopefully, they all survived. 


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Jun 302015
Nerf Dart Stuck Onto Guy’s Eyeball Is Beyond Creepy

Apparently, this guy had the genius idea to see if he could stick nerf darts to his eyes. Thanks to his contacts, he was actually successful. This resulting video by Charles Tietjen is beyond creepy and has gone viral with over 900,000 views! My eyes hurt just by watching!


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Jun 272015
Making Sushi Out Of Burgers And Pizza Looks Delicious

It was only a few decades ago when the idea of eating fish wrapped in seaweed and rice would make most Americans gag with disgust. Now, sushi is one of the most popular things to order at a Japanese restaurant. BuzzFeed decided to give sushi a more American twist by making sushi rolls out of a Big Mac, chicken and waffles, pizza, and even tacos. These outrageous creations actually look delicious! 


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Jun 032015
Snake Breaks Into Kitchen To Eat An Egg

Snakes are famous in the animal kingdom for their ability to unhook their jaws to eat their food in a single, inconceivable bite. On a boring Sunday afternoon in their nice little farmette, Laura Neff heard a noise in the kitchen. Upon further investigation, she was shocked to see a snake descending from her spice cabinet into a basket of eggs attempting to eat an entire egg whole. Creepy. Don’t worry, she let the snake enjoy its dinner and then safely took it outside. 


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May 292015
Beyonce’s All The Single Ladies Synced Up With Duck Tales Theme Song

This ridiculous music video by Good Friends has instantly gone viral with countless views on YouTube and over 35,000 notes on Tumblr. Some genius realized that Beyonce’s popular music video for her hit Single Ladies perfectly syncs up with Disney’s theme song for the classic 90’c cartoon Duck Tales. Naturally, the Web is loving this mash up.


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