Jan 122015
Giant Car Pile-Up On Michigan Highway Is Out The Apocalypse

Over the weekend, the Midwest was hit with its first serious snow storm. Sadly, it seems people were not ready for the snow, ice, and slush as a single car crash on I-94 in Michigan quickly turned into a giant car pile up. Authorities estimate that 150 cars crashed in the chain-reaction that left one person dead and countless others injured. 

Doctor Proctor caught part of the ongoing crash on video, and now the footage has gone viral over the weekend with over 1.4 million hits!


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Dec 142014
Cloud Inversion In The Grand Canyon Is Gorgeous

During rare weather conditions, the clouds can become inverted when air is warmer in the sky than on the ground. That’s exactly what happened at the Grand Canyon on last Thursday, causing the famous American landmark to be filled with clouds. This stunning time lapse of the inversion has gone viral over the weekend with over 400,000 hits!


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Dec 142014
Tornado In South Los Angeles Is Terrifying

A small tornado touched down in south central Los Angeles on Friday morning, ripping up trees and damaging roofs. The National Weather Service confirmed that it was an EF-0 tornado, the smallest kind of tornado, and that thankfully no one was injured. 


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Nov 212014
sketchy deal

Taylor White was watching Fox 25 news in Boston about the brutal weather the Northeast has been enduring when he couldn’t believe his eyes. During an outside weather report two shaddy characters can be seen meeting up in the background to conduct a very sketchy deal. And then just like that, the two walk away. Even the two news anchors couldn’t help but crack a smile.


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Nov 192014
Lake Effect Snow In Buffalo Time Lapse Is Beautifully Terrifying

Much of the United States is shivering after an arctic blast swept across most of the country. Many states have already seen snow, but no one has it as bad as Buffalo, New York. On Tuesday, attorney Alfonzo Cutaia took this time lapse from his office window of Lake Eerie as the lake effect snow storm sucked up moisture from the lake and pummeled the city with snow. Incredible. And the ‘fun’ is only just starting


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