Feb 112016
100 Foot Tall Wave Slams Ship

While traveling through the North Sea, a large boat found itself in a giant storm. The waves grew and grew until a 100 foot tall wave slammed the boat. Thankfully, it was large enough to take the hit. Any smaller boat would have capsized. 

This video has gone viral with over 400,000 hits!


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Nov 092015
Seal Rides Whale

Seeing a whale is already a special experience for tourists. But whale watchers boating off the Baja Peninsula of Mexico were treated to a very special scene when they saw a seal literally riding on the back of a whale! 


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Sep 292015
Guy Riding Water Jet Pack Catches Frisbee Tossed Off Bridge

This just might be the most insane Frisbee toss ever. The trick shot masters at Ultimate Insanity threw a Frisbee off of a bridge to one of their guys who was hovering above the water by using a water jet pack. Incredibly, he made the catch!


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Aug 282014
High Speed Jet Skiing Through Canyon

Christian Yellott takes his jet skiing very seriously. Instead of simply speeding around a lake, Christian decided to speed through a narrow canyon. He attached a GoPro camera to the front of his jet ski so everyone online can enjoy the ride. His video has instantly gone viral after being featured by GoPro. The video already has over one million views!


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