Mar 032014
David After Dentist Double Rainbow Parody Movie Trailer

Jimmy Kimmel noticed that many of this year’s biggest Oscar winning films were based on books. But we’re in a new age. The YouTube generation. 

So Jimmy teamed up with famous faces to devise a spoof trailer of a possible Oscar winning film based on the viral video classics David After Dentist and Double Rainbow

Appropriately, the spoof film is called ‘David After Dentist Double Rainbow Oh My God.’ 

Big time celebrities Samuel L. Jackson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Seth Rogen star in the ridiculous parody trailer. 


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Dec 202013
Best Of Web 6

French mash up master Luc Bergeron, AKA Zapatou, is at it again.

For those unaware, Luc has made a name for himself by recapping the best viral videos on YouTube in eye-popping mash up videos that are arguably more entertaining than the original videos by themselves. 

This time, he collected over 250 of the hottest viral videos since the summer and packed them into this single mash up for easy consumption. 


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Sep 112012

Cats are obviously a key part of the Internet. So it’s a wonder there haven’t been more cat compilations. Nevertheless,  put together countless famous cat viral videos from the beginning of YouTube times to now. The new video is getting a viral boost after being featured on Reddit.


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Jul 272012

 tries their best to explain the Internet phenomenon that is the viral video. In its infant stage, viral videos were, and to some extent still are, an extension of the funniest-home-movies genre.

As the Internet aged, and YouTube made video so much more accessible, viral videos, and what made them viral, continued to evolve.

Internet nerds, such as Jonah Peretti from our friends at BuzzFeed, Dan Gurewitch famous from CollegeHumor, and more all offer their two cents of what a viral video is to them. 


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Jul 162012

Evolution Of Dance was of the first authentic YouTube viral videos, and still stands as one of the most viewed non-corporate videos online today. 

Now, cute NAO robotics master  has recreated the entire dance routine with one of the cute French NAO robots. Naturally, the robo cover has gone viral in its own right. 


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