Sep 032013
Youtube Sings Get Lucky Ultimate Mash Up

TheThirdPew spent more than 100 hours sifting through YouTube to create this ultimate mash up of YouTubers ‘singing’ the Daft Punk 2013 hit single Get Lucky.

Over 200 famous YouTubers and countless clips from other popular viral videos appear in the compilation.

Yes, the singing is a bit choppy, but that doesn’t subtract much from the Internet awesomeness. 


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Jul 182013

The final closing season of the epic meth drama Breaking Bad begins August 11th on AMC. A few hardcore fans collaborated to make, a site for fans to play games and bet on what will happen next.  

As a promotion for the newly launched site, Betting Bad published this epic, nine-minute Breaking Bad review that is quickly going viral, already standing with over a quarter million hits


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Jul 022013

The NBA has studied the Internet at large on how to go viral, and now is ready to celebrate the end of a great season with this attempt at a viral video.

After sifting through their best footage, they have just debuted their very own Best Video Bombs of the ’12-’13 Season Compilation. Their work has paid off, and now the video has instantly viral. 


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Jun 202013

The Peterson has made a name for themselves online producing nostalgia-packed mega-mixes from the past that they dub ‘remember videos.’

They’ve already covered years, such as 1986 and 1999, but they’ve only gotten started. Now, they return to go back to the year when the 90’s were just getting started. 

So grab your TMNT toys and crank up the hip hop. It’s time to remember 1990.


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Jun 152013

Before bacon pancakes and even before Cartman was the original Simpsons.

Troy McClure, voiced by fan favorite Phil Hartman, was one recurring character on the show who is still famous for his iconic introductions.

He always began with, “Hi, I’m Troy McClure, you may remember me from…” and then listed any number of overly cheesy, unoriginal sounding, faux-media titles he hypothetically starred in.

Christopher Coleman traversed through countless hours of the popular 90’s show to create this ultimate super cut of “all the things you may remember Troy McClure from.”


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