Mar 292012

Donald Trump has come under the cloud of controversy over his plans to build a super luxury golf resort in Ireland. The community claims Trump is using deceitful and thuggish tactics to persuade land owners to sell. 

Now,  has just published this satirical music video of a puppet Donald Trump admitting his own corruption in this parody of the Queen classic, Bohemian Rhapsody. Read more on TrippingUpTrump.



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Mar 132012

British candy enthusiasts  spent two days in their Bristol kitchen creating a massive toffee crisp bar. After using 10 pounds of milk chocolate, five bags of toffees, and two packages of rice cereal, they even wrapped the bar with its very own special, custom made giant wrapper. 

The month old video is gaining attention now after being featured on CBSNews and HaveYouSeenThis. Music is Shiny Spaceship by 8-Bit Ninjas.


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Mar 122012

Remember the British PSA with animated collapsing cooling towers that went viral in February? Well this very real demolition of Cooling towers at Richborough Power Station in Kent just went viral over the weekend in England, and is featured on YouTubeTrends.  


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Mar 042012

The Three Little Pigs is one of the oldest fairy tales, and is known around the world. But what if it wasn’t a fairy tale, and a similar situation took place in modern London?

British news source  created this special advert imagining how their print, social, and online media company would cover such an exciting, and controversial murder story. The four day old commercial already has over a quarter million views, and is featured on Neatorama and DailyPicksAndFlicks


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