Jan 022014
Recreating Daft Punk’s One More Time

EDM producer Sadowick Production posted this tutorial almost a year ago, but the video has only gone viral now with over 400,000 new views

He demonstrates in just a matter of minutes how Daft Punk may have sampled the iconic, catchy tune for their hit One More Time from a disco beat


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Aug 122013

NSFW language 

Small time YouTuber animator Jello Apocalypse has gone viral for the first time with his hilarious Welcome To Youtube parody tutorial animation. In the cartoon, he explains all the repeating annoying aspects of the world’s largest video sharing site for any viewers who still aren’t familiar with YouTube.


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Feb 212013

This video by Tori Locklear has instantly gone viralviral after appearing on Reddit. Tori was trying to give a tutorial on hair curling with a hair straightening iron.

Instead, she gave a tutorial on how to ‘cut’ hair off using a curling iron. After very slowly processing her mistake, her jaw, appropriately, hits the floor. 


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Feb 132013

With the magic of YouTube, amateur artists now have access to countless helpful art tutorials at nearly any level that was once completely unobtainable. Most drawing tutorials follow the same formula, with a soft spoken tutor offering step by step instructions for nearly any picture. 

Twenty-four year old Oliver is an up and coming artist who also wants to help spread art across the web. So he’s just started his new art channel How To Draw Really Good.

In his debut episode, he shows how to draw Spiderman ‘really good.’

One thing’s for sure. The drawing is definitely on par with the juvenile ‘really good’ description. 


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