Jul 092015
DJ Trolls Crowd By Not Dropping The Bass

The best part of any dance music concert is when the DJ builds up the anticipation and then finally drops the bass. The crowd always goes wild. Musician Mashd N Kutcher decide to mess around with the crowd a little at a recent concert and had the music slowly building up and building up. Just as the bass was seemingly about to drop, he changed to music to a slow dance song. You can actually hear the crowd all sigh together. This video has gone viral with over 2.25 million views!


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Jan 142014
Reporter Trolls Westboro Baptist Church At Golden Globes

While most people were either enjoying or ignoring the Golden Globe Awards last weekend, the Westboro Baptist Church were busy spreading their message of hate near the ceremony.

As he has in the past, reporter Brick Stone took advantage of the WBC’s protest to troll and humiliate them once again.

His antics never gets old, and it seems the Web agrees as the clip has already amassed over a quarter million hits!


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Jan 092014
xbox sign out prank

The XBox One is truly a futuristic gaming console. It even has voice commands! Many serious gamers realized that voice commands might not be the best idea for a gaming console, but they were quickly silenced by corporate marketing.

Gamer YouTube channel Video Games demonstrates just how annoying the voice commands can be in this new viral XBox One troll video

He made his Call of Duty tag name literally ‘XBox Sign Out’ and annoyed the heck out of other players. 

When other gamers finally grew sick of his antics they would no doubt yell out his gamer tag in rage, and quickly be signed out of the game. 

Their reactions are priceless!

“Whose name is XBox Sign Out…. Uh-oh.”

“XBox Sign Out, catch me. No! I didn’t mean….”


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Jun 172013

Fail compilations have been an Internet viral video staple since 2007. So what makes this new video stick out from the rest?

The French publisher ParodiePub.fr added a layer of nerdy humor to their video by ingeniously editing in the green monster Blanka from the Street Fighter franchise into a slew of popular fail clips. 

Fail videos may never be the same. 


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Feb 262013

Malibu, California is naturally a little more flamboyant than the rest of the country. So when the LGBT-hating Westboro Baptist Church decided to hold one of their hate-filled protests in Malibu, reporter and professional real-life-troll Brick Stone just had to interview the WBC protesters for a chance to go viralviral as he has before in the past

Comic Dave Sirus asks the church members questions like, “Would you hug ‘a gay’ if God asked you?” and “Have you ever wondered how good gay sex must be if people are willing to go to hell for it?” 

Their reactions are priceless. 


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