Oct 072014
Train Smashes Semi Truck Stuck On Train Tracks

It looks like a scene from a Hollywood movie or action packed TV show. But this is totally real life. While travelling through the small town of Mer Rouge, Louisiana, David and his friends watched in horror as a semi-truck hauling a giant crane became stuck on the train tracks. They could hear the train horn howling and could only watch as the train smashed through the truck like butter. 


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May 152014
Truck Smashes Into Overpass

You know those signs that tell you how tall the upcoming overpass is while driving on the highway? Those aren’t there just to offer you trivial information. Trucks can only pass under certain heights and must always be aware of how tall an overpass is. This Long Island commuter noticed a truck driving on a car-only parkway and expected trouble. Sure enough, the tractor trailer smashed into an overpass which was too short. Ouch.


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Jun 222012

The roads are a terrifying place when an endless database of horrific crashes are available at your finger tips. The latest terrible crash video to go viral, unsurprisingly, comes from Mother Russia. The city of Chelyabinsk specifically. 

At the 1:00 minute mark of this video a Volvo truck lost control and crashed head on with another truck. From there a chain reaction of collisions and explosions occurred. Bread and fruit rolled across the road as the trucks slid, dumping their cargo, and then finally exploding into a burst of flames. 


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Apr 032012

The tornadoes that struck the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas were so strong, tractor trailers were seen literally flying around in the air, being tossed to and fro from the powerful winds. Visions from the Wizard of Oz come to mind.  


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Dec 182011

Luca Bordin built his very own 1:4 scale remote control tractor trailer from scratch. The best part is that the truck is so big, he can ride on it like a children’s train ride while he remotely controls it. The truck is completely electric, so the pillowy clouds exiting the exhaust pipes is just from a night club smoke machine. The video is featured on Autoblog and TheAwesomer




Here’s a special Christmas ride around town.


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