Mar 282016
Turning Anything Into Legos

One of the most famous toys in the world is Legos. Nearly every child, no matter the culture or nationality, grew up playing with Legos. What if you had the magic power to turn anything and everything into Legos? The special effects nerds at Corridor Digital bring the fantasy of endless Legos to life in this short film. 


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Feb 272016
Marble Race Through Sand Track Is More Entertaining Than You Might Think

Who knew that marbles could be so entertaining? As their name suggests, Jelle’s Marble Runs specializes in marbles. In this trending clip, 12 different colored marbles race through a track built in the sand. Who do you think will win?

Las Vegas should ditch the horse race and start having bets on marbles! 


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Feb 152016
Peek A Boo Teddy Bear With Ripped Off Face Is From Your Nightmare

Are you a parent who is sick of those peek-a-boo teddy bears that replay the same message? TwoHeads666 somehow took an innocent toy teddy bear and made it terrifying. Instead of simply covering and uncovering its eyes, this teddy giggles as it rips off its own face to reveal it’s bloody skull. Kill it with fire! This would be a sweet Halloween decorative toy though. 


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Feb 122016
Toy Train Escapes From Mine

MadMovieMakers took his model train set to the next level by putting a camera on the engine. After setting everything up, he created this heart racing video in which a train escapes from a collapsing underground mine. 


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Feb 102016
Lego Machine Folds And Launches Paper Airplane

Ah, the paper airplane. It’s been around for almost as long as paper has. But only now with modern technology can you not only have a machine build a paper airplane for you, but also launch it! 

Arrow Five Years Out demonstrates in this viral video. 


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