Apr 142015
Toy Phone Calls Pig When You Dial 911

Dirty Hippy found a funny coincidence when you dial 911 on this toy telephone. It just happens to call the pig character when you dial 911. Of course, it always calls the pig when 1 is called, but that hasn’t stopped the Internet from giggling at the silly coincidence. 

This video has gone viral with over 675,000 hits!


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Mar 312015
Foolish Kid Accidentally Shoots His Computer Screen With Toy Gun

Even toy guns like Airsofts must be handled with care. This kid learned the hard way to never point a toy gun at something delicate. He thought the toy was still jammed from months before, but found out that it was still operational when the Airsoft broke his computer screen. At least his mom seemed pretty cool about it. This video has gone viral with over 850,000 views!


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Mar 232015
Jurassic Park Recreated In Glorious Lego

It’s one thing to make a short stop motion animation using Lego. It’s another to spend nearly $100,000 on your short film! Lego short film producer Digital Wizardz and his friends spent all that cash to make one truly epic Jurassic Park short film, all using those famous plastic colorful bricks. The results are impressive. This short film has amassed over half a million views!


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Mar 222015
Lobby Scene From The Matrix Recreated With Lego

Today, it’s easy for anyone with a little bit of patience and practice to make their own stop motion short films using Lego. Snooperking has been honing his stop motion skills for sometime now and now his hard work has paid off. He has finally gone viral over the weekend with his Lego recreation of the famous lobby action scene from The Matrix. His video has already amassed over a quarter million views!


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Mar 182015
Adults Play With Classic 90′s Toys

Ahh, the 90′s, the favorite decade of the Internet. Everything was better back in the 90′s, at least it feels that way now. The toys of the 90′s truly defined the decade. BuzzFeed got their hands on a slew of classic 90′s toys, and had 90′s kids who are now adults play with them once more. What a trip. 


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