Jul 142015
baby glasses

Jessica Sinclair‘s precious little baby girl wasn’t responding as she and her husband expected, so they took her to the doctor. It turns out their baby girl needed corrective lenses. At first, she made it clear that she didn’t want the weird contraption on her face. But once she looked through the glasses she froze and smiled the cutest smile ever as she saw her mommy and daddy clearly for the first time. This touching video has exploded on Facebook with over 23 million views and over 337,000 shares, and now there are countless copies circulating around the Web as well. 


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May 142015
Colorblind Man Becomes Emotional After Seeing True Color For First Time Eith EnChroma Glasses

EnChroma Glasses are revolutionary new eyewear that look like just be another set of sunglasses. But built into the glasses is state-of-the-art technology that allows colorblind people to actually see true color for the first time. Katherine Empey‘s younger brother tried the glasses out and naturally became quite emotional when he finally saw color as we do


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May 102015
Blind Pregnant Woman ‘Sees’ Unborn Baby By Feeling 3D Printed Sonogram

It’s standard for pregnant women to see an image of their unborn baby with the help of a ultrasound sonogram. But Tatiana is blind, so she obviously can’t see a traditional sonogram. So her doctors made her a special 3D printed version of her sonogram so she could feel and ‘see’ her babies face with her fingers. This touching week old video has gone viral over Mother’s Day weekend with over 8 million new views!


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Apr 222015
Paralyzed Girl Surprises Her Nurse By Walking

Ramurrill‘s teenage daughter Bailey was completely paralyzed from the waist down for eleven days for no reason her doctors could find. Thankfully, she recently had a full recovery. Bailey decided to surprise her favorite nurse by rolling up to her in her wheelchair, and then standing up to give her a hug. This heart warming video has instantly gone viral for obvious reasons. 


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Apr 202015
Man Buys All Roses Woman Is Selling On The Subway And Tells Her To Give Them All Away

This touching video from 2013 has only gone viral now after being featured on Reddit. YouTuber Maria Lopez was on the 6 train in New York City when she saw a poor woman selling roses for a dollar each. A man approached the woman and after finding out that she had 140 flowers gave her $140 on condition that she gives all the roses away to fellow passengers. The flower woman couldn’t help but tear up. 


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