Aug 222014
Little Girl Has The Cutest Reaction To Space Shuttle Launch

Keith‘s adorable daughter is only a toddler, so many things in life are still very new and exciting. Keith was watching a space shuttle launch on the television with his daughter Shaylee, and her reaction was just priceless

“It’s a rocket ship! Oh my goodness!” 

So cute!


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Aug 132014
Little Girl Is Heartbroken After Accidentally Deleting Picture

Little four year old Cadence is like most children these days. She’s a relative computer wiz. But today, she accidentally figured out how to delete a photo, and permanently erased a picture of her uncle. When she realized the gravity of her actions she was heartbroken. Awwww….


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Aug 082014
Dad And Toddler Daughter Performing ‘My Roots Grow Down’ Is The Cutest

The Rookies is made up of a proud father and his adorable toddler daughter. The two have gone viral with this precious performance of My Roots Grow Down, an original song by Sarah Pirtle. Their music video has over 750,000 views! Too cute!


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Aug 042014
Mom Tries To Put Twins To Bed Time Lapse

Around this time of year in Norway, there is very little darkness. Thanks to the long, long days and short nights, Henriette Jonassen has been having a very hard time putting her toddler twins to bed. She decided to share her experience with the world, so she grabbed her camera and made this hilarious timelapse of bedtime. Parents with sympathize. 


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Jul 302014
Little Girl Cries That She Doesn’t Want Her Baby Brother To Grow Up

Alex Miller‘s little five year old daughter Sadie is struggling with the realities of life. She has just learned that her adorable baby brother will someday grow up into a boy and then a man. And that does not make her happy. In this precious viral video, Sadie cries that she doesn’t want him to grow up. He’s just so darn cute, and she wants him to stay that way forever! In just two days, this video has already amassed over 1.5 million views


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