Dec 072015
Cat Body Slams Kid In The Snow

The Internet already knows very well that, though they are loved, cats can be ruthless. How many videos are there of cats knocking a glass of water off the edge of table are there? Too many to count. But this cat has taken knocking things over the max. Just watch as this frisky feline literally body slams a little girl walking in the snow. Good thing she was wearing an extra big and fluffy winter coat. But seriously, sign this cat up for the WWE! This clip has gone viral with over 900,000 views!


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Dec 042015
Little Girl Drives Full Size Truck With Remote Control Through Obstacle Course

Volvo is famous for their strong and durable semi-trucks around the world. But Volvo Trucks isn’t satisfied with the status-quo, so they built the new Volvo FMX. To demonstrate just how mobile yet powerful and sturdy their new truck is, they had little four year old Sophie drive their truck through an intense obstacle course with a remote control. How will the truck handle with a four year at the wheel?


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Dec 012015
Toddler’s Mind Is Adorably Blown Away By Automatic Sliding Doors At Grocery

We take a lot of things for granted in life. But for a baby, everything is fresh and new. The world is full of surprises. Even the boring old grocery store can be a place of wonder and magic. Abraham Vargas took their toddler son to the grocery when the little guy first noticed that the automatic doors opened whenever he came close. Soon, his mind was completely blown. Just look at that face! So cute! 


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Nov 182015
Little Girl Teaching Dog To Shake Is The Cutest

PawMyGosh features cute and cuddly pet videos, and they truly live up to their name. In this precious clip, three year old Hadley teaches the family dog, which happens to be bigger than her, how to shake. 

The adorable video has over 2.7 million views!


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Nov 172015
The Way French Dad Explains Good And Bad After Paris Terror Attacks Will Make You Hopeful

The world is still struggling to come to terms with the horrifying terror attacks that struck Paris last Friday. Children have an especially difficult time understanding such sad and scary events. But one dad has the Internet grinning after he explained to his son how we can ‘beat the bad guys.’ 

France magazine Le Petit Journal captured this exchange which has instantly gone viral. Dad of the year right here folks. 


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