Nov 182015
Little Girl Teaching Dog To Shake Is The Cutest

PawMyGosh features cute and cuddly pet videos, and they truly live up to their name. In this precious clip, three year old Hadley teaches the family dog, which happens to be bigger than her, how to shake. 

The adorable video has over 2.7 million views!


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Nov 172015
The Way French Dad Explains Good And Bad After Paris Terror Attacks Will Make You Hopeful

The world is still struggling to come to terms with the horrifying terror attacks that struck Paris last Friday. Children have an especially difficult time understanding such sad and scary events. But one dad has the Internet grinning after he explained to his son how we can ‘beat the bad guys.’ 

France magazine Le Petit Journal captured this exchange which has instantly gone viral. Dad of the year right here folks. 


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Nov 142015
Little Korean Girl Is Adorably Excited Over Her Squeaking Shoes

Bobaepapa is a South Korean family that is semi-popular on YouTube. For years now, they have been documenting their two baby girls growing up. In this precious clip, their youngest daughter goes from cranky to giddy after running around with her sneakers that squeak with each step. This video is from last month, but is trending now more than ever! 


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Nov 102015
Toddler Sing Star Wars Imperial March In Bed Is An Adorable

Like any decent nerd parent, Jonathan H. Liu recently showed his kids Star Wars. His little 2.5 year old daughter really enjoyed the Darth Vader scenes, especially the notorious Imperial March theme music. After putting her to bed, he later caught her singing the Imperial March tune on the baby monitor. She’ll make an adorable Sith one day. 


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Nov 012015
Little Girl Godzilla Adorably Destroys Toy Tokyo

Every parent of course loves their children, but when the little ones throw a terrible temper tantrum they can really seem like little monsters. That got SillySocks thinking. So for this Halloween, he dressed his adorable toddler daughter as Godzilla and had her wreck havoc in a miniature toy Tokyo. Cutest ever!


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