Feb 252014
If The Beatles Became Famous During The Social Media Age

The Beatles were ahead of their time when they became world famous in the 1960′s.

But what if they were around during the social media age?

Jimmy Fallon demonstrates in this skit how the popular British rock group might have ended their shows if the Internet was around.  

Actually, it’s probably for the better that Instagram and hashtags weren’t a thing back then…


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Jun 022013

There’s not much cuter than a baby musician. This two year old tyke is already getting a hang of the guitar as he practices with his dad, performing the timeless classic Don’t Let Me Down together.

Learn from this case fathers. Baby’s need The Beatles, not Justin Bieber. 

The cute father-son video was posted by Painel Pop, and has been trending over the weekend.


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May 152013

Mark Vidler admits this mash up piece is “deliberately tempo altered and manipulated digital pop music.”

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Somehow, Go Home Productions sped up John Lennon’s famous Imagine just a bit, and laid it over Band On The Run by Paul McCartney and The Wings.

Appropriately, they titled the song Imagine The Band.

The video was actually posted online two long years ago, but has started to trend now.


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Mar 042013

Chad Neidt, the web’s one and only one minute mash up master, has returned with beat boxer Bronkar Lee for his newest piece. He and Lee packed over twenty world famous Beatles songs–including Hey JudeHello Goodbye, and more–into this epic one minute mash up with a beat


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Jan 102013

The world is going through hard times. Austerity measures have been put in place across Europe, hitting countries like Greece and Spain the hardest.

Naturally, a Spanish unemployment office in 2013 is a sad, depressing place. 

To bring a little sunshine into the lives of people who need it the most, Carne Cruda set up a musical flash mob at one unemployment office where musicians burst from their seats to play the Beatles’ uplifting tune Here Comes The Sun

Soon the entire room of people were singing along. 


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