Dec 232013
Canadian Teen Who Went Viral Covering Elvis Performs On Ellen

 Two weeks, ago French-Canadian teenager David Thibault exploded online with his amazing Elvis cover he performed on the radio in Canada. 

Naturally, Ellen DeGeneres, the unofficial queen of viral videos, just had to have him on her show and have him perform.

The King lives! 


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Dec 222013
Do It On My Twin Bed SNL Holidays Music Video

Christmas is a time to visit the family at home. That often means being stuck in your childhood bedroom on that tiny twin bed. 

So what do you do when you want to get freaky with your significant other?

Just listen to the girls on SNL, and “Do it on my twin bed!”


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Dec 222013
Jeopardy Contestant Answers Batman Question In Bane Voice

Craig was given the opportunity and he didn’t squander it. 

When asked on Jeopardy who was the masked villain in The Dark Knight Rises, he answered “Who is Bane,” in his best Bane voice.

He got a good laugh from the crowd and was even ‘disciplined’ by Alex.

“You didn’t have to act it out.”

NewsHolicAlex posted the short clip from the popular question-answer game show onto YouTube which has amassed over 600,000 hits over the weekend. 


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Dec 192013
Jennifer Lawrence Tells Conan The Story When Her Adult Toy Collection Was Discovered

While visiting Conan, Jennifer Lawrence confessed that if she wasn’t a Hollywood star she would love to be a hotel maid. She simply loves cleaning bedrooms and bathrooms.

But most of all, she loves to snoop through people’s personal belongings. 

But aren’t you worried a maid will snoop through your belongings, Conan asked. 

That’s when Jennifer admitted that her gag collection of adult toys was embarrassingly discovered the last time she was staying at a hotel.

Naturally, the web loves this story, and now the clip is going viral. 


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Dec 172013
You Can Admit It If You Bought An Item Or Two Or Ten For Yourself Local News Compilation

Conan is back to again demonstrate how pathetic local news has become. Instead of making their own stories, they all simply take the same story, word for word, from a bulk ‘news’ aggregate to feed to the masses. 

This time, Conan put together this compilation of countless local news readers from across the country repeating the same cheesy introductory line for a Christmas present ‘story.’

“It’s OK, you can admit it if you’ve bought an item or two or ten for yourself.”

At first it’s funny. Then sad. Then funny again. Then simply ridiculous. 


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