Oct 302013
The Hobbit Themed Simpsons Introduction Couch Gag

Four weeks ago, The Simpsons exploded online with their horror-themed ‘couch gag’ introduction created by Mexican film director and ‘horror master’ Guillermo del Toro.

That video now stands with over 21 million views!

Now, Fox’s Animation Domination has just published this latest couch gag intro parodying the popular Lord Of The Rings prequel, The Hobbit, that web nerds can’t resist.


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Oct 292013
Nine Year Old Girl Sings Opera On Holland’s Got Talent

The Internet loves shocking performances on Got Talent shows, and it’s been a while since they’ve found a decent one. 

Thankfully, this amazing video from Holland’s Got Talent has made it’s way to the English speaking web after TheOliversWorld4 posted it to YouTube. 

The incredible clip features nine year old Amira Willighagen singing the opera classic O Mio Babbino Caro, or Oh My Beloved Father.

The judges and audience were truly shocked at how professional, powerful, and sweet Amira’s voice sounded. 

Even more amazing, Amira confessed she never had professional singing lessons. 

Now the video has gone viral, and has been featured by HuffingtonPost, DailyPicks, and NineMSN


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Oct 282013
Sesame Street Homeland Parody

Besides for educating kids in colors and numbers, Sesame Street is well known online for their hilarious parodies of mainstream programming.  

This time, the world famous kids show takes on Homeland with a very ‘punny’ lamb-themed spoof of the popular Showtime drama-thriller as Homelamb.


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Oct 282013
Horror Trailer For Mock Wes Anderson Show

Film director Wes Anderson has a style and design few can duplicate. But can Wes employ his one of a kind screenwriting to make a horror movie?

NBC‘s Saturday Night Live attempted to prove that, yes, he can with this mock trailer for a hypothetical horror movie starring Owen Wilson, played by guest host Edward Norton, and Gwyneth Paltrow. 

The fake trailer is going viral as the work week begins, and is featured on Atlantic, Time, and HuffPost


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Oct 262013
Bad British Basketball Commentary

Apparently, it takes some time for NBA basketball games to make it to the UK. Even though the Spurs VS Heat finals game was played in June, Britain has only aired the game recently. 

Of course this is all a joke by The Exploding Heads, but their hilarious Bad British Basketball Commentary spoof for the exciting game of ‘Netball’ is still trending through the weekend. 

Just like their previously viralviral British Baseball Commentary


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