Mar 302014
Louis CK Stars In Black Jeopardy

Saturday Night Live is famous for their classic Celebrity Jeopardy skits from the past. They’ve changed things up this weekend with Black Jeopardy

Naturally, celebrity guest Louis CK stars in the sketch as the awkward professor in African-American Studies.  


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Mar 262014
Jimmy Fallon And Jude Law Have A Funny Face Off

Jimmy Fallon asked parents to send in pictures of their kids making funny faces. They had no idea what he’d be doing with them. 

Ultimately, Jimmy and his celebrity guest Jude Law had a funny face off, each trying to imitate the kids’ adorable funny faces the best. 

And the winner is…


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Mar 262014
Jimmy Kimmel Asks Little Kids To List An Bad Words They Know

Remember the adorable boy who listed all the bad words he knew? That video has over half a million views!

Jimmy Kimmel naturally loved that video, so he sent a camera crew to Hollywood Blvd to ask little kids, of course with their parent’s permission, to list off any naughty words they knew. 

Their responses are adorable. 


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Mar 252014
Game Of Thrones Reviewed In 9 Minutes

Game of Thrones nerds are salivating in excitement as the April 6 debut of season 4 nears.

To holds fans over, or for viewers who don’t have a complete grasp on the crazy, complex story, The Fine Brothers review and recap the first three season of the fantasy show in nine minutes. All in one take, of course. 


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