Dec 172013
You Can Admit It If You Bought An Item Or Two Or Ten For Yourself Local News Compilation

Conan is back to again demonstrate how pathetic local news has become. Instead of making their own stories, they all simply take the same story, word for word, from a bulk ‘news’ aggregate to feed to the masses. 

This time, Conan put together this compilation of countless local news readers from across the country repeating the same cheesy introductory line for a Christmas present ‘story.’

“It’s OK, you can admit it if you’ve bought an item or two or ten for yourself.”

At first it’s funny. Then sad. Then funny again. Then simply ridiculous. 


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Dec 162013
The Three Wise Guys

Everyone knows the story of the three wise men who traveled to Bethlehem to visit the baby Jesus. 

But most haven’t heard the story of the three wise guys

Thankfully, Saturday Night Live on NBC told the story this past weekend with the help from Sylvester Stallone, John Goodman and Robert De Niro. 


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Dec 132013
Real Interpreter Translates Fake Sign Language Interpreter From Mandela Memorial

As the entire world has heard, the ‘sign language interpreter’ at Nelson Mandela’s memorial was a fraud, and quite possibly a danger

Thankfully, Jimmy Kimmel wanted to get the bottom of things, so he enlisted the help of a real sign language interpreter to explain to his audience and the Internet what exactly the impostor was actually signing.

Short answer: nonsense. 


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Dec 132013
Father Of Son Attacked By Bees: ‘Better Him Than Me’

This clip from Australia’s Today Show YouTube channel Waking up with Karl Stefanovic was posted online back in November, but it has only exploded now, quickly amassing over 850,000 hits!

While interviewing a son who was swarmed by bees, Karl Stefanovic asked the boy’s father how awful it must have been to witness such an attack on his child. 

Gary could only answer, “It was a bit disturbing, but better him than me.”


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Dec 122013
Conan, Ice Cube, And Kevin Hart Share A Lyft Ride


Lyft is a popular ride sharing app that people are flocking to in lieu of taking an expensive cab.  

For one of his hilarious off set skits, Conan decided to hail a Lyft ride with his guests stars, Ice Cube and comedian Kevin Hart. 

The driver was shocked, but naturally played along with their ridiculous antics as they drove around town, picked up ‘drinks’ and even hit up Wendy’s. 


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