Feb 082014
Jimmy Fallon And The Muppets Perform ‘The Weight’ To Say Good Bye To Late Night

Jay Leno is stepping down from The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon is grabbing the baton.

Sadly, that means Fallon must also say goodbye to Late Night

He teamed up with the one and only Muppets to say his final good byes, and performed The Weight from The Last Waltz to close the show right. 


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Feb 082014
Jay Leno Tears Up Saying Goodbye To The Tonight Show

After 22 years of hosting The Tonight Show, Jay Leno has taped his last show.

After having a slew of celebrities wish him farewell, Jay closed his final show with a heartfelt goodbye which has gone viral. 


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Feb 072014
Celebrities Say Good Bye, Fair Well To Jay Leno Musical

Jay Leno is finally leaving the Tonight Show. Again. But it seems like this is for good. 

Comedian and actor Billy Crystal was Jay’s last guest, and put together a surprise good bye musical packed with celebrities. Oprah, Jack Black, Kim Kardashian, and many more wished Jay good bye to the tune of So Long, Farewell from the Sound of Music


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Feb 052014
The Big Lebowski Figure Skating

One genius fan of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon made the suggestion that they should merge The Big Lebowski with figure skating. 

Amazingly, Late Night complied, and commissioned Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski to perform a beautiful routine dressed as The Dude. Of course, she skates to Just Dropped In. Honestly, the trippy scene could be straight from the film. 


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