Jan 202014
Drake’s Bar Mitzvah Monologue On SNL

Canadian rapper Drake is truly singular. His mom is Jewish and his father is black making him a rare hybrid of cultures.

He proudly touted his unique heritage while opening for Saturday Night Live on NBC this weekend with a bar mitzvah rap.

“I play ball like LeBron, and I know what a W-2 is.”


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Jan 182014
Kevin Hart Tells The Story When He Spilled Juice On Jay Z

While visiting Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, comedian Kevin Hart told Jimmy and his audience the hilarious story when he spilled juice on his friend Jay Z.

Surprisingly, they are still friends even after he covered Jay in sticky pineapple juice at the club.


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Jan 172014
Seven Year Old Piano Prodigy Has The Most Outrageous And Adorable Interview With Ellen Ever

Seven year old Elias is an amazing piano prodigy who has already performed at Carnegie Hall. 

But his rambunctious personality is what stole the show when he visited the Ellen Show.

He could barely stay in his seat as he excitedly complimented and hugged Ellen over and over.

Of course, his performance was impressive as well.


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Jan 162014
Jonah Hill Retells The Story How Some Guy In The Airplane Bathroom Ruined His Chances For Love

While discussing The Wolf of Wall Street on BBC America‘s The Graham Norton Show, actor and comedian Jonah Hill divulged the sad story how he lost a chance at love while on a flight.

He and the girl next to him were hitting it off, but then tragedy struck when excused himself to the restroom.


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