Jul 142015
Jimmy Fallon Explains The Horrifying Story How He Broke His Finger

As most of his fans already know, last week Jimmy Fallon unexpectedly cancelled his show after a freak accident. He seriously damaged his hand, but he is OK now and back on television. There has been a lot of speculation about what exactly happened, so Jimmy decided to finally explain how he hurt his finger. When he fell and went to the ER, he assume he just broke his finger. But it was much, much worse as his wedding ring literally pulled his finger offShudder


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Jul 132015
John Oliver Discusses How Ridiculous Stadiums Have Become

There’s no better way to spend a nice summer day like going to the stadium to watch the game and pay an obscene amount of money on drinks and snacks that makes the movie theater food appear cheap. We simply love our sports stadiums in America. And that’s fine and all, but many people don’t realize that stadiums often get huge tax breaks and investments from public funds. John Oliver covers the ridiculousness of sports stadiums on Last Week Tonight.


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Jul 122015
Rubik’s Cube Magician Steven Brundage Fools Penn & Teller

As the name of the show on CW implies, Fool Us features guest magicians who try their best to fool veteran illusionists Penn & Teller. It’s not an easy feat. But Rubik’s Cube magician was successful. Just watch as he blows the minds of Penn & Teller and the audience. 


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Jul 112015
Jennifer Lawrence Sings Believe By Cher

It’s hard for The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence to do anything that the Internet doesn’t love. While visiting Conan O’Brien, Jennifer Lawrence explained that anything she sings could easily become a number one hit, even if it’s just one liners from Cher’s Believe


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Jul 092015
Conan Parodies Mad Max While Driving To Comic Con

After waiting seemingly forever, one of the most popular nerd conventions in the world, Comic-Con, is about to begin. Not wanting to miss any of the action, Conan and his side kick Andy Rickter channeled their inner Mad Max for an epic drive down to San Diego where they will be recording Conan for the next week. 


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