Oct 292014
Daniel Radcliffe Raps Alphabet Aerobics By Blackalicious And It’s Awesome

British actor Daniel Radcliffe is of course most famous for portraying Harry Potter, but he is quickly showing the world that he’s no one trick pony. While visiting Jimmy Fallon, Daniel admitted that he is an avid music fan, and especially loves rap. He’s been memorizing rap since he was a teenage. He demonstrated this by perfectly rapping the extremely difficult Alphabet Aerobics rap song by Blackalicious by heart.   


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Oct 282014
Benedict Cumberbatch Does The Beyonce Walk

World famous pop star Beyonce is famous for her powerful presence. Just the way she walks can make fans shriek with excitement. While chatting with comedian Miranda Hart, late night host Graham Norton asked her to show off her Beyonce pop star walk. Benedict Cumberbatch even joined in, and now this clip has gone viral with over 2 million hits


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Oct 272014
Jim Carrey Dances To Sia’s Chandelier On SNL

Most other late night shows have poked fun at Sia’s Chandelier music video where little Maddie Ziegler dances to the song in a tan leotard. Now, SNL has jumped on the bandwagon. During an office costume party, Jim Carrey and Kate McKinnon both dress up as Maddie, and put on a ridiculous dance to the song. 


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Oct 272014
Jim Carrey Spoofs Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ads

Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey has been in the spotlight recently for starring in a slew of Lincoln car commercials. South Park recently poked fun at Matt for taking the commercial gig. Now, celebrity guest host Jim Carrey has gone viral after spoofing the Lincoln ads on this past weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live. The parodies have instantly gone viral with over one million views already!


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Oct 262014
Graham Norton Confronts Benedict Cumberbatch That He Can’t Say ‘Penguins’

Viewers will remember the hilarious viral compilation from a month ago of British actor Benedict Cumberbatch failing to properly pronounce ‘penguins’ while narrating a nature documentary. That video has over 1.4 million views! British late night host Graham Norton heard of the viral video, and rubbed it into Benedict’s face a bit while hosting the popular star. 


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