Jan 102013

Jimmy Kimmel has again enlisted his celebrity friends to read off mean Twitter posts published by their ‘fans.’ Already, the third episode in the series has over 700,000 views, and is covered on DailyPicks, TastefullyO, DoobyBrain, and PerezHilton


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Jan 062013

Photographer Gordon Buchanan traveled to the Arctic to document a polar bear family for the BBC2‘s upcoming special, My Polar Bear Family and Me.

While in a special protective cage similar in concept to an above ground shark cage, a very hungry polar bear caught a whiff of his scent.

Though she never ended up breaking into the ‘ice cube,’ her vicious 45 minute attempt “was one of the most terrifying things that I’ve ever done,” reports the Scottish artist. 


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Jan 062013

Remember Ricki Lake? Well, the 90’s talk show host is returning to the airwaves on her new show, The New Ricki Lake Show. To promote the show to a much younger online audience, Ricki is having an upcoming YouTube Stars episode.

The guest list consists of top YouTuber Ryan Higa, Bed Intruder famous Antoine Dodson, Friday music video famous Rebecca Black, and many more. 


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Jan 062013

Usually, it’s the cops catching punk teens egging private property. But in this ridiculous news story, it was Massachusetts police officers who were caught egging their superior officer’s home

WHDH-Boston via News Politics Today reports that even though some in the department are saying it was all in good fun, the police chief doesn’t take it lightly at all. 


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Jan 032013

For some reason, local Los Angeles TV channel KDOC thought it would be a good idea to put on their own live New Year’s Eve party to compete with the countless others.

And now it’s turning out KDOC’s show is actually going viral. For all the wrong reasons.

The show had no delay, and was completely live. It was also packed with F-bombs, dead air, glitches, awkward pauses, and no name celebrity failures.

All in all, it may have been the most entertaining New Year’s Eve show on television that nobody was at, and nobody watched. Thankfully, BlackDudeWhiteChick DVRed the whole thing, and has posted it online for all to enjoy. 



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