Mar 232013

Raider Zahos is an obvious fan of the NFL who loves the new Sound FX feature when the players are put under the microphone for the fans to hear.

He sifted through countless hours of NFL footage from the 2012 season, and made this compilation of the Best NFL Sound FX from the players being recorded. 

The two month old compilation has erupted over the weekend, and has already accumulated over 200,000 views


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Mar 222013

March Madness is here. It’s a time some sports fanatics wait all year for, even enjoying it more than the over-commercialized, and boringly mainstream Super Bowl.

But for countless nerds–including those who work at nerdy viral video sites–sports, especially March Madness, can be downright intimidating. How do fans remember all the teams names? And brackets? Are those like braces?

Thankfully, popular late night program Jimmy Kimmel Live has just published this handy how to video guide on How to Pretend You Care About College Basketball

Relax nerds, JK has got you covered. 


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Mar 212013

Back in 2008, when YouTube was just starting to get hot, musically talented nerd Sam Hart went viralviral with his adorable, touching, and nerdy original song Mario Kart Love Song.

That music video currently stands with over 8 million views

Being the youngest and most hip late night host on television, it was no surprise Jimmy Fallon recently teamed up with his guest Selena Gomez to cover Sam’s song on his Late Night program.

Already, the two day old video has collected over half a million views


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Mar 202013

Last week was International Women’s Day. To commemorate, Local Fox CT reported how women were the focus in Washington for the day. But the report was upstaged by the b-roll file footage that was being played at the same time that seemed to only focus on the breasts of women walking in the city.

Even the female anchor seemed to have noticed the footage being played was inappropriate for what she was saying, as she awkwardly paused in the middle of her report.

CT Blogger recorded and uploaded the news clip to YouTube, and now the week old video stands with over 2.2 million views

The network has since tweeted an apology that no one is buying. Read more on Slate, HyperVocal, and HuffPost


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Mar 202013

For last year’s Easter holiday, the Tonight Show On NBC hired the hilarious, and very talented, magic clerk, AKA Michael Carbonaro, to wow and stupefy customers at a convenient store. 

He changes his costume in front of a guest, turns an Easter egg toy into a live chick, and more. Now, the year old video is trending again as Easter 2013 approaches. 


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