Jun 012011

Team iLuminate exploded on the stage of America’s Got Talent this year. They mixed dancing with high tech programming to put on a light show that the dancers were wearing. They shut off the house lights and put on the show that blew away the crowd and judges. Piers Morgan said it was the best audition he’s ever seen on the show. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them.


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May 312011

When you have a dirty mind, it’s easy to answer almost anything with, “that’s what she said.” But when Fox News drops you lines like this one, it’s hard to keep even the cleanest minds from going to a naughty place. The video is featured on the HuffingtonPost.


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May 292011

The sketch comedy show, The Whitest Kids U’ Know, really hits the Pledge of Allegiance where it hurts. Just in time for Memorial Day, this clip of a kids classroom singing a different version of the Pledge has gone viral. They take on the idea that making kids sing a pledge to a government before they even know what they are saying is just nationalism indoctrination.


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May 252011

It seems for over a month now, everyday there is a new tornado tearing through the heart of America. The tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri were vicious and destroyed much of the town.

Brian Williams of NBC News interviewed a woman who was saved from the Joplin twisters by her husband. The story is a bittersweet tear jerker as he gave his own life to protect, and, ultimately, to save hers.  :,( The story is featured on TheHighDefinite.


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