Jun 262012

Producer Aaron Sorkin has been headlining after the first episode for his latest HBO show The Newsroom debuted. But after watching the first episode, fans started to notice a pattern. 

 really noticed what he dubbed ‘Sorkinisms,’ and made this compilation of recycled dialogue, phrases, and plot lines in the famous screenwriters work. The new video already has over 100,000 views, and is featured on Gawker, CollegeHumor, and HyperVocal.


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Jun 222012

Jimmy Fallon really has a special place in his heart for the celebs. Probably because his demographics are of the demanded 18-35 year olds advertisers drool over who also are obsessed with the stars. 

Jimmy’s latest late night celebrity shenanigans included none other than Justin Bieber himself. After ‘coincidentally’ bumping into each other in the halls of Late Night, the two enjoy a montage of versus games to determine who is, in a word, ‘best.’


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Jun 202012

Fan favorite Futurama had a slow start back in 1999 on Fox, close to its sister cartoon sitcom, The Simpsons. It’s been a bumpy ride, but now Futurama is here to stay at its new home on .

To promote new episodes, they made a live action version of the Futurama opening sequence entirely by hand.


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Jun 192012

The  Live Stunt Team has made car history when they performed the first ever loop-the-loop on four wheels. In front of over 15,000 spectators at the Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban, South Africa, the stunt driver took on the Deadly 720.


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Jun 192012

Hot on the heels of his last prank when he gave a kid a fake lie detector test,  is now going after the grown ups. Namely dad in honor of Father’s Day.

He asked his fans to surprise attack their dads with the water hose and post it on YouTube. The results are just as wet and fabulous as you’d expect. And don’t worry, Jimmy finally gets a taste of his own medicine. 


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