Apr 192013

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is well known for his speed in the water, but his interview skills, they could do with a little work. Recently, he was a guest on Fox 29‘s morning show and somewhat struggled through the questions. 

After the interview, the hosts spent a good minute and a half laughing at and mocking Ryan. 


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Apr 172013

Soap operas all seem to follow the same recipe and formula. And that definitely applies to the music. In every dramatic scene when Amy admits she’s been cheating on Matt with a vampire but still loves him, that high pitched piano enters the musical realm. 

Back in 2011, YouTuber TV Boy88 thought the music on soaps were so bad that they could recreate the same sound with just their cat and a keyboard. Amazingly, with just the help of a few kitty treats, that’s exactly what they did.

But only now has the video exploded online, amassing over 100,000 views just today. 


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Apr 162013

Adorable eleven year old Arisxandra Libantino has become the second challenger on this season of Britain’s Got Talent to go viral, amassing over one million views since debuting over the weekend. 

The young girl wowed the audience with her very big and grown up voice, singing One Night Only. Even mean ol’ Simon rose to his feet to applaud her majestic performance. 


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Apr 142013

The Simpsons introductory couch gag is one of the most famous parts of the long running animated show. For their latest gag, FOX‘s most famous family takes on AMC’s hit series Breaking Bad. Since debuting over the weekend, the video has amassed over 1.3 million hits.    


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Apr 112013

Disney is no doubt most famous for Mickey Mouse and their magical musicals. The musical obsessed nerds at  AVbyte are obviously huge fans of Disney.

They first went viral with their outstanding melding of Disney princesses and hipsters. That video currently stands with over 4.4 million views

Now, the musical crew are continuing their obsession with Disney, this time contemplating what the newly popular Game Of Thrones cable television series would be like if it was made by Disney


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