Feb 032013

Soda Stream is the new at-home water carbonation soda maker system that is taking the soft drink industry by storm.

For the Superbowl this year, they made this commercial pinning a Coke deliveryman against a Pepsi one, as seen so many times before in the feuding beverage companies’ commercials.

But usually, one of the men comes out on top. This time, they both fail, as Soda Stream doesn’t need bottles to be delivered. 

As CBS is so tied up with the mega corporations, they actually coward under pressure from both Coke and Pepsi to not air the commercial.

CBS actually complied, but now the Streisand-effect is occuring, and the commercial is going viral specifically because it was ‘banned.’ Now, the advert, which is less than a week old, has over 2.5 million views and counting. 


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Feb 032013

Sesame Street has been known to parody adult-focused TV shows to keep parents just as entertained as the kids. For their latest spoof, they have taken on the new British drama Downtown Abbey in Sesame Street: Upside Downton Abbey. Just over the weekend, the new muppet parody has garnered over 400,000 views


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Feb 032013

Terry Woods published this KMPH 26 news story that is going viralviral over this Superbowl weekend. The story is extremely bizarre at best. 

While driving along with a hitchhiker in the passenger seat, the driver went crazy, claiming to be Jesus, and purposefully crashed into a a utility worker only because he was a black man. 

The hippie hitchhiker named Kay realized the driver had lot it, and ended up subduing him with a hatchet before police arrived on scene. 




Now, the hitchhiker’s full interview is trending in its own right. 

VERY NSFW Warning!


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Jan 312013

Jimmy Kimmel‘s new Lie Witness News series has proven to be a viral video winner online with viewers. The recipe is simple. No matter the pop culture event, Jimmy will often send a camera crew to Hollywood Blvd to ask passersby about the event. That didn’t happen yet.  

Of course, Jimmy just had to send his crew out to ask people what they thought about the Superbowl outcome. That won’t exist until this upcoming Sunday night.

Nevertheless, people are no good, dirty liars who insist on answering questions that they could never know the answers to. Especially when a camera and microphone is involved.


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Jan 302013

Children have been putting their parents on the spot by asking awkward biology questions since the dawn of time. So when one owner of a Kia Sorento was asked where babies come from by his son, he answered like all dads do.

He told of the true story of Babylandia.


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