Apr 112013

Disney is no doubt most famous for Mickey Mouse and their magical musicals. The musical obsessed nerds at  AVbyte are obviously huge fans of Disney.

They first went viral with their outstanding melding of Disney princesses and hipsters. That video currently stands with over 4.4 million views

Now, the musical crew are continuing their obsession with Disney, this time contemplating what the newly popular Game Of Thrones cable television series would be like if it was made by Disney


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Apr 062013

As the Internet has slowly crept into the mainstream, more and more Internet-related scenes have been appearing on TV.

But most TV shows don’t have the budget or legal team to dare feature an actual website on their show. So instead of Google, viewers get to see ‘SearchBlazers’ on their Cop Dramas. Instead of Facebook, TV characters use ‘FriendFace’ to stalk their exes.

One of the TV characters watches an online video? You won’t find them to be using YouTube, but rather ‘Host-n-Share.’

Media obsessed Slacktory traversed through countless hours of entertainment, and collected all the Best TV Show Fake Websites into this now viral compilation


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Apr 032013

April Fool’s has been a been a big hit online, but one must be careful not to take the jokes too far, especially in real life.

Cody Weddl of WKPT19 reports one Kingsport woman pranked her sister by telling her she shot her husband, and needed help burying the body

Her sister Helen quickly told the rest of her family, and before the prank holiday ended, the police had surrounded the home, guns drawn. 

“Next thing I knew. There was law everywhere. Their response was excellent.”

“The fool was her,” said one neighbor after seeing her put into a police cruiser with cuffs on.

Now, the viral video stands with over 75,000 views since April sprouted. 


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Apr 022013

As Ellen was the voice actress for the blue sidekick Dory in Pixar‘s adorable animated film Finding Nemo, she of course, was hoping for a feature film sequel.

But as any half-decent Ellen fan knows, after years and years of countless other movie sequels, Ellen was starting to get worried she wouldn’t get her second chance in the ocean. 

Finally, Pixar and Disney have conceded. There will be a second Finding Nemo story, focused around Ellen’s character, titled Finding Dory.

Jen Cornwell is a cautious and cynical web viewer, and comments, “*Checks date to see if april fools joke*” 


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Apr 022013

Jimmy Fallon is known for not locking his humor in a box. His Late Night program is definite evidence of this. Just last week, he and his celebrity guests Blake Shelton and Nick Offerman performed the popular hit single Ho Hey by The Lumineers wearing chicken suits

Better, or perhaps worse, yet, they ‘sang’ using only ‘clucks’ and ‘bawks.’

Now, the ridiculous performance has gone viral, garnering over 830,000 views.


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