Sep 262012

The leading men from the new NBC show Guys With Kids visited Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and they all got to talking about TV show theme songs. They argue that all the good ol’ day shows had theme songs, and that viewers want theme songs back.

Though many viewers today would disagree, and would rather their show start immediately, it’s nearly impossible to find someone who can’t enjoy this History Of TV Theme Songs Medley performed by Jimmy and his guests. How many theme songs do you recognize?


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Sep 232012

The Gangnam Style obsession continues. 

After going viral three weeks ago posting a perfect and amazing mom & son Gangnam Style dance online, huge YouTube fan Ellen Degeneres stumbled upon the video. Of course she loved it, and invited the adorable duo onto her show to perform. 

In less than a week the video has already amassed over 2.4 million hits

(Does anyone realize that Gangnam Style is basically the Macarena for 2012?)


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Sep 212012

After so many talent shows, seasons, and contestants, is it possible to find someone actually original? Willie Jones thinks so. The seventeen year old gentleman from Louisiana looks as if he just stepped straight off Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine from Back To The Future. 

Now let’s not all lie. When you see a cool black dude step on stage of , you probably don’t expect on hearing him belt out a perfect performance of Josh Turner‘s country hit single Your Man.

But Willie Jones did just that, and blew away the audience and judges. When the music started the judges all looked confused, and when Will sang even lower than Josh Turner, their jaws hit the floor. At the end Simon even noted that “this is a day to remember. I’m telling you.” 

Britney just screamed, “It’s an enormous yes!” You can take that to mean whatever you like. 


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Sep 202012

Bridget Mary McCormack is running for the Supreme Court in Michigan, and has a secret weapon that has helped her jump into the media spotlight. 

Her sister Mary McCormack just happened to act on the political drama The West Wing, and used her pull to reunite the cast of the hit show to star in this short homage–titled Walk and Talk the Vote–in support of her sister’s candidacy. 

The video is featured on NYDailyNews, WashingtonPost, Gawker, CNN, and HollyWoodReporter.


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Sep 202012

Panda Ross is the latest big personality on  to make a big splash. After revealing the ridiculous story behind her name, she sang Sam Cooke’s classic hit Bring it On Home. 

After impressing the audience and judges, she of course was swept through to the next round. Simon couldn’t help commenting that she sounded like a legend.


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