Oct 042011

It hurts so much more when you fall from a great height to a quick and brutal low. After scoring a touchdown for the Bears, Marion Barber jumped up and tried to perform a backflip. It seems like he knew what he was doing, but was out of breath, or simply had a bad start, because he fell three quarters of the way through the jump, and landed on his face. Ouch. That’ll knock your ego down quick.




A second longer look:


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Oct 032011

John Kricfalusi is a famous animator, most famed for creating the ridiculous 90′s cartoon, Ren and Stimpy. John was just a guest animator for the Simpsons on last night’s episode, and added a little Ren and Stimpy taste to the ever changing Simspsons intro couch gag. The video is featured on HuffingtonPost


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Oct 012011

It’s one thing to make the game fair for everyone. It’s another to pick specific kids out for succeeding to well, and bring them down to everyone else’s level. But that’s exactly what happened to Demias Jimerson. The eleven year old football star is so good, the school has used a little known rule that benches kids who score to many touchdowns to give the other students a chance. This is supposed to be football, not art class. The video is featured on Guyism.  


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Sep 302011

Confidence is everything for a performer. And that’s one problem for Jazzlyn Little. She’s sixteen, and very shy and nervous. But she loves music, so she tried out for the X Factor anyways. But once the music starts her shyness melts away, and she becomes a super star. Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls even says she’s going to be a YouTube sensation. 


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Sep 292011

Ronald Reagan was a star before and, even more so, after he became the republican president during the 1980′s. This reporter tries to give a report at a rowdy GOP party during the early 80′s, but can’t get a word in. He keeps getting distracted or cut off, and that does not make him happy at all. 


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