Mar 062016
Racists For Trump Parody Political Ad By SNL

Donald Trump has been called a lot of things over the past few months by both his fans and those who oppose him. One of the strongest attacks on Trump is that is fan base is made up of racists and that even he is prejudice. 

Saturday Night Live took this idea and ran with it in this spoof political ad for Trump. Did SNL hit the nail on the head or did they take it too far?


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Mar 062016
SNL Parodies

The election season is in full gear now that many of the delegates have been chosen for the Democrats and Republicans. After Super Tuesday, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Cruz all gave victory speeches. 

Saturday Night Live poked fun at all of the front runners in this spoof video


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Mar 052016
Priyanka Chopra And Jimmy Fallon Have A Wing-Eating Contest

Not that long ago, the wing on a chicken was considered rubbish that was tossed or maybe used to make soup. But today, chicken wings have become one of the most popular cuts of the chicken.

While Jimmy Fallon was hosting Indian actress Priyanka Chopra on The Tonight Show, he was challenged to take her on in a chicken wing eating contest. This video has gone viral over the weekend! 


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Mar 032016
Jimmy Fallon Parodies Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday Speech

To the glee of his fans and the chagrin of nearly everyone else, Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump basically crushed it on Super Tuesday. The few people who are loving The Donald are comedians and late night hosts. 

Trump simply gives them so much material that no other politician can compete with. After Trump’s success on Super Tuesday, he naturally gave a victory speech. Jimmy Fallon pokes fun at the speech in this spoof video.


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Mar 012016
Morgan Freeman Eats Cookies On Stage At The End Of The Oscars

The Academy Awards is one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in the world. People dress their best for the exciting black tie event. But one celebrity didn’t let the atmosphere get to him. Arslan noticed something at the end of the show that most people missed. Morgan Freeman can be seen in the background on stage grabbing some Girl Scouts cookies and snacking away without a care in the world. 


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