Oct 132014
John Oliver On Pumpkin Spice Everything

Around every late September and October things at the grocery store and coffee shop mysteriously changes. It seems to happen when nobody is paying attention and then suddenly there is pumpkin spice flavored everything. John Oliver is not such a fan of pumpkin and goes on a hilarious anti-pumpkin tirade in this clip.


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Oct 112014
Grandson Explains School Story Based On ‘Frozen’ To Grandma

Jimmy Kimmel has become obsessed with YouTuber Kevin Droniak. Kevin has over 250,000 dedicated subscribers who love watching him take a drive with his grandma. On their trips, Kevin will often mess with Nana, telling her outrageous stories. Jimmy asked Kevin to convince his granny that the plot from Frozen happened to him in real life. This is the hilarious story he told her


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Oct 092014
Most People Against GMO’s Have No Idea What GMO’s Actually Are

If there’s one thing Jimmy Kimmel is good at, it’s proving that most people are idiots. Jimmy loves to send his camera crew to Hollywood Blvd to demonstrate that most people have no idea what’s going on. As there’s been a lot of talk these days against GMO’s, or Genetically Modified Organisms, Jimmy sent his crew to the streets to ask people what GMO’s actually are. Not surprisingly, most people against GMO’s have no idea what they are talking about


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Oct 072014

Social media has exploded after Alfonso Ribeiro, aka Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, performed his signature dance, The Carlton, with dance partner Witney Carson on Dancing with the Stars. Fans can’t help but feel waves of nostalgia, and now this clip has instantly gone viral! Go Carlton! Go Carlton!


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Oct 072014
Jimmy Fallon And Will.i.am Star In Ew! Music Video

Jimmy Fallon has successfully turned The Tonight Show into a circus act. But apparently, that’s what viewers want. Fallon has returned with another episode of his cringe worthy Ew! show where he transforms into his annoying teenage girl alter ego Sara. Somehow, he was able to convince pop star Will.i.am to join him in this ridiculous Ew! music video. Why is this going viral? The Internet is a crazy place…


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