Apr 162015
Space X Rocket Almost Successfully Lands On Barge In Ocean. Almost

Private space exploration company Space X almost successfully landed their CRS-6 rocket onto a barge in the ocean. The rocket was returning to earth after helping boost a very large grocery delivery to the International Space Station. Sadly, after a near perfect trip, the rocket hit the landing pad too hard and fell over


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Apr 162015
Robot Chef Is From The Future

We are truly on the cusp of a robotic revolution. While most people are focused on autonomous cars, the Shadow Robot Company has been busy working on a robotic chef. The robotic cook has two arms with humanoid hands and can cook, pour, and stir like any real human chef. The future is gonna be crazy!


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Apr 072015
Railroad Tracks Building Machine Is Mesmerizing

In the 19th century, mostly immigrant workers built the transcontinental railroad. Today, less human power is required to build railroad tracks thanks to new machines that do all the heavy work. This video from over a year ago has only gone viral now and features a giant railroad tracks building machine that is sure to amaze. 


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Apr 022015
Japanese Whiskey Company 3D Prints Intricate Ice Cube

The only thing better than a nice glass of whiskey is a glass of whiskey with the perfect amount of ice in it to chill it and dilute it just a drop. Japanese whiskey company Suntory Whiskey has taken ‘on the rocks’ to the next level with extremely intricate ice cubes made with a special chiseling machine. Check out AdWeek to see pictures of all the amazing cubes they made, such as a Mario cube, a horse cube, a space shuttle cube, and more!


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Apr 012015
Amazon Dash Button Commercial

Online services like Amazon have changed the way we go shopping. Now, instead of heading out to the store when you run out of toilet paper, you can simply go online and order it on Amazon. But that isn’t fast and convenient enough.

So now, Amazon has just debuted their latest service for Prime members called Amazon Dash Button. You simply connect the button to your phone and click it when you run out of a certain item. Before you know it, your item will be waiting for you at your door. And yes, it appears to be real. But the Internet is still wary that it’s an April Fools joke. 


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