Dec 122013
Conan, Ice Cube, And Kevin Hart Share A Lyft Ride


Lyft is a popular ride sharing app that people are flocking to in lieu of taking an expensive cab.  

For one of his hilarious off set skits, Conan decided to hail a Lyft ride with his guests stars, Ice Cube and comedian Kevin Hart. 

The driver was shocked, but naturally played along with their ridiculous antics as they drove around town, picked up ‘drinks’ and even hit up Wendy’s. 


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Nov 062013
Car Thief Goes On Car Crash Rampage After Rear Ending Cab In Chicago

Apparently this criminal learned all he knows from Grand Theft Auto.

After rear ending a cab on Belmont Avenue in Chicago, the driver of the Nissan SUV refused to stop, and attempted to flee. But the cabbie wasn’t having it, and blocked his path. 

So what did the criminal do? He went on a crash rampage, hitting four other cars as he tried to escape from the scene. 

Why would he care when he reportedly stole the Nissan in the first place? 

But don’t worry. Redditor Crazy Genius explains that the suspect was arrested after crashing into a tree down the road. 

The trending video is further featured on DNAInfo, RedEyeChicago, and Chicagoist


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Oct 122013
Ghost Taxi Driver Prank

Quebec comedy show Just For Laughs Gags seemed to be inspired by the famous invisible driver at the drive-thru prank for this prank at the park.

Their prankster asked a friendly passerby to hail a cab for him as he ran to the restroom. When they did call the first cab, they were shocked to discover there was no apparently no driver as it pulled up next to them and came to a complete stop!

That’s because the driver was hidden in the trunk of the car, controlling the car with a special stunt apparatus.

The volunteers were even more shocked when the original man who asked for their assistance ran from the restroom and zoomed off in the cab with a possible ghost driver


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Aug 122013

As Prime Minister, it is imperative to listen to the opinions and woes of the people. So Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg decided to listen better to his constituents by driving a taxi cab around the Nordic country. 

Quickly, passengers noticed that they had a very famous, and not so practiced, driver at the wheel. Read more on BBC, Guardian, and HuffPost


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Jul 252013

The once magical and amazing car GPS has become as nearly ubiquitous as the automatic transmission. Knowing this, College Humor set up a genius prank. 

In a special taxi cab in New York City, they installed a mic, camera, and fake GPS device that was voiced by CH comedians following the cab. Passengers were shocked to hear the ‘GPS’ apparently make a mistake when giving directions, comment on their clothes, and more.


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