Jun 032013

In April, shadow dance group Attraction exploded online after debuting on Britain’s Got Talent. Already, the original piece has amassed over 17 million views.  

The group has continued to move up in the competition, and has just put on their best performance of all at the semi-finals.

Their newest dance tells the silent, yet greatly emotional love story of man and the important women in his life. Afterwards, the judges were in visible tears, with Simon commenting, “Seriously, I was blown away by that.”

The performance has since gone viral over the weekend, and is further reviewed on Yahoo, Mirror, and HuffPost


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May 192013

Canadian YouTuber Joshea27 went through the terrible ordeal of bone cancer at a very young age in 2010. But she has persevered with a greater thirst for life. 

As a part of her treatment, she had “a right internal hemi pelvectomy, where the entire right side of her pelvic bone was removed and nothing was replaced.”

Looking on the brighter side of things, she has now embraced her new special talent where she can rotate her right leg 180 degrees as a result of her surgeries. 

As a part of Ellen’s ongoing Here’s My Talent contest, Jen made this montage of people reacting to her new talent which is now going viral. 


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Mar 302013

Remember the viralviral video of the girl with a funny talent who could make her eyebrows dance? That video amazingly stands with over 52 million views

Now, comedy channel Whatever 2ND may have come up with an unofficial sequel. In a completely serendipitous moment, they ran into a very nice homeless man who also had ‘a funny talent.’

Instead of being able to make his eyebrows dance, he can wiggle his epic mustache like no other. The secret is he uses his tongue. 


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Jun 192012

Brand new vintage video published by  has recently surfaced of the now ultra popular actor Ryan Gosling performing as a child in 1991 at a talent show.

He started with singing the classic When A Man Loves A Woman, but the majority of the video is of Ryan’s epic dance performance to C+C Music Factory’s Everybody Dance Now that just screams of the late 80’s/early 90’s. 


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