Apr 132016
Crazy Guy Swallows Sword And Performs Acrobatics On Britain’s Got Talent

Just when you thought everyone and the Internet had enough of those clips from all those ‘Got Talent’ shows, this new video from Britain’s Got Talent is trending online. To be fair, this video is pretty crazy as the contestant swallows a huge sword. 


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Mar 092016
Man Performs Stunning Recreations Of Sounds Of Nature On Georgia’s Got Talent

It’s been a while since a video from the countless Got Talent shows around the world went viral. It seemed like viewers were finally bored of all the music. But this clip from Georgia’s Got Talent has finally brought something new to the table. Instead of just singing a song like everyone else, the artist recreated the sounds of nature in this very unique performance. 


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Jan 062016
The Kanye West Auditions For American Idol

What was once the hottest TV show in America has come to slow, sad end. That’s right, this is the last season of American Idol. But what do you expect after 14 long years. Back when it started, most young people didn’t even have cell phones and dial up internet was still a thing. Oh how things have changed. In an attempt to get anyone to tune in for even a little, American Idol had rapper Kanye West ‘audition’ for the famous talent show. Do you think he’ll make through the first round?


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Sep 142015
Miss Colorado Gives Touching Speech About Being A Nurse

Most of the young women participating in the Miss America pageant sang, danced, or played an instrument during the talent portion of the competition. But Kelley Johnson, Miss Colorado, did something much different, reports NJ.com. Instead of showing off her skills, she simply walked on stage in her nurse scrubs and gave a touching monologue about her important work. This clip of the short speech has instantly gone viral with over 3 million views!


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Sep 042015
Singer Leaves X-Factor Judges In Tears

As a judge on one of the most popular televised talent shows in the world, it’s easy to become bored after seeing countless people perform very mediocre stunts. But that wasn’t the case for 21-year old car mechanic Josh Daniel. While he was singing, he had the judges in the palm of his hand. Simon Cowell couldn’t even help but tear up a little. This touching video has gone viral with over 7.5 million hits!


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