Oct 152015
Samurai Slices High Speed Baseball In Half

The Samurais of Japan have been famous around the world for centuries for their impressive athletic and fighting abilities. Just because we’re in 2015 doesn’t mean the ancient group is hanging up their swords and ninja stars. This video of a Samurai slicing a baseball being pitched super fast has instantly gone viral for good reason. It’s crazy!


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Jun 302015
Idiot Demonstrates The Wrong Way To Cut A Watermelon

Nothing says summer like a nice slice of cold watermelon. But preparing a large watermelon can be cumbersome. Kirstin C.‘s friend thought he had a new much better way to cut a watermelon using a very large scimitar sword. Sadly for the owner of the patio table, his idea didn’t really work out so well


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Nov 092014
Arm Robots Battle With Katana Swords

This is how it starts. First, we use arm robots commonly found in factories to have a pretend sword fight using Japanese katanas swords. But then, late one night they decide to stop fighting each other, and start fighting the humans. Well, we had a good run. All hail our new sword swinging overlord. This viral video was published by industrial company CPM Special Bearings.


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Dec 032013
Building Bilbo’s Sting Sword From Lord Of The Rings

Master swordsmith Tony Swatton of AWE me returns with special guest Kevin from VSauce2 to build and discuss the magical sword from The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit series, Bilbo’s Sting.

After creating the epic blue sword, they test it out and slice up some unlucky produce and toys. In slow motion of course. 


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Aug 052013

Link maybe one of the most famous heroes in video game history, even if most people confuse him for Zelda. That makes Link’s master sword a perfect candidate for master blacksmith Tony Swatton to replicate on his popular Man At Arms series, published by Awe Me Channel


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