Dec 032013
Building Bilbo’s Sting Sword From Lord Of The Rings

Master swordsmith Tony Swatton of AWE me returns with special guest Kevin from VSauce2 to build and discuss the magical sword from The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit series, Bilbo’s Sting.

After creating the epic blue sword, they test it out and slice up some unlucky produce and toys. In slow motion of course. 


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Aug 052013

Link maybe one of the most famous heroes in video game history, even if most people confuse him for Zelda. That makes Link’s master sword a perfect candidate for master blacksmith Tony Swatton to replicate on his popular Man At Arms series, published by Awe Me Channel


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Jul 112013

The new YouTube channel XtremeWineProduction has gone viral! The comedy group published this video, titled Most Dangerous Ways to Open a Bottle of Wine, in which the 80′s dressed, American loving host demonstrates a slew of dangerous forms of opening a bottle of wine. 

Though it was published a week ago, the video has gone viral now, garnering over 150,000 new views, and appearing on LaughingSquid, Gizmodo, and HuffPost


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Jun 032013

Popular special effects studio Corridor Digital has finally returned with a new action packed short film.

In Link’s Shadow, three hunters run into a dark demon in the woods like no other: Link’s Shadow. After barely escaping, the good Link from The Legend Of Zelda appears at the last moment to take on his polar opposite. 


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Mar 032013

Jonathanj9969 has instantly gone viral after video of his amazing taser sword was picked up on Reddit. He took an average self-defense taser and somehow persuaded the electrical current to flow through the double edged sword which he affixed it to. 

When engaged, the taser sword is even more bad ass than expected, and could easily be mistaken as a prop from countless sci-fi movies. 


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