Nov 082012

Cinesaurus and  teamed up to post this humorous spoof of a cliche Apple iPad commercial that already has over 700,000 views

Microsoft has just launched their new Surface tablet, and it seems like the iPad might finally have a contender to deal with. At least, that’s seemingly inferred from this commercial parody. Only the sales number can truly tell which tablet shall rein supreme. 


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Jun 212012

The first second Microsoft announced their new Surface tablet computer, the media and nerds across the globe all shouted together, “Microsoft is copying the iPad!”

So how true is that sentiment?  and ReadWriteWeb noticed a few similarities between the giant tech companies’ press conferences and compiled this side by side comparison

Of course, true geeks are standing strong the really Microsoft invented the first true tablet computer way back in 2002 before web 2.0.


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Jun 202012

Time sure travels fast on the Internet. Barely 48 hours after announcing their newest tablet computer product, dubbed Surface, Microsoft has already had an embarrassing Surface moment.

During the official Surface presentation, the tablet froze on the presenter, which is probably the worst thing that could occur at a tech announcement, second to the device literally exploding on stage. 


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Jun 192012

For years now, Apple has dominated the tech and geek world with their best selling iPad tablet. eReaders, like the nook and Kindle, and other tablets have been growing in popularity as well.

But now, after being quiet for seemingly years, Microsoft has just announced their own tablet that will debut with their new operating system Windows 8. The .


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