Feb 282015
Injecting Ink Into Water In Super Slow Motion

The slow motion artists The Slow Mo Guys are at it again. For their latest video, Gav and Dan injected expensive inks into a tub of water. In real time, the ink art is very enthralling, but in super slow motion, it becomes completely mesmerizing. Gorgeous!  


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Feb 182015
High Speed Camera And Robot Captures Stunning Slow Motion Footage

At this point, there are plenty of popular YouTubers with high speed cameras that record epic slow motion footage that can make a viewer drool. But art studio Love High Speed takes the concept to the next level with their professional lighting, makeup artists, and–most of all–their high speed cameras controlled by high speed robotic arms.

Seemingly simple and boring scenes, such as a woman walking through blowing leaves or an archer firing a fire arrow, become masterful pieces of art. To say the footage is stunning is an understatement. 

This month old video has only gone viral now with over half a million new hits!


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Feb 052015
Orange Exploding In Slow Motion Is Glorious

As Hollywood knows all too well, explosions are just so much cooler when seen in slow motion. As Dima had a bag of oranges that went bad, he and Taras of Slow Mo Lab decided not to let them go all to waste. So they took an orange and filled it with a fire cracker. 

The results are simply glorious! And boom goes the dynamite. 


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Jan 292015
Inside A Camera In Super Slow Motion

Most people have no idea how a mechanical camera works. The concept is actually quite simple. A mechanical metal shutter passes over the lens to allow light to enter the moment the shutter button is pressed. But how does that look? 

The Slow Mo Guys demonstrate the insanely fast magic going on inside of a DSLR camera in this super slow motion video


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Dec 222014
Fire Breathing In Slow Motion Is Glorious

There’s just something about fire that is so magical. It’s easy to get lost just staring into a camp fire. Naturally, fire looks even cooler in super slow motion. Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys breathed fire using very flammable corn starch and recorded the action in slow motion. The resulting video is glorious to say the least.  


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