Oct 242014
Epic Slow Motion Memes

You know you’ve made it on YouTube when corporate contacts you to create a special Internet video. Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys were lucky enough to have YouTube get in touch with them to make a special slow motion video. The two recreated countless popular online memes, such as fail, deal with it, mind blown, and more, in epic super slow motion

Naturally, they created the obligatory Gif versions as well. 


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Oct 232014
Flopping In A Pool In Super Slow Motion

The warm weather is sadly over. To properly say goodbye to swimming season, Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys made a special swimming slow motion video. With their super slow motion camera pointed at him, Dan jumped, flopped, and splashed in the pool. The resulting slow motion clips are simply glorious.  


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Aug 192014
Shooting Watermelons In Super Slow Motion

Gav of The Slow Mo Guys had a couple too many watermelons on him, so he did what anyone with a slow motion camera would do. He grabbed a rifle and shot through the melons with the watchful eye of the slow motion camera capturing all the action. The results are glorious.  


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Aug 182014
Jellyfish Stinging In Microscopic Slow Motion Is Terrifying

Being stung by a jellyfish is one of the most painful experiences. But what exactly is going on? Destin of Smarter Every Day explains that when a jellyfish ‘stings’ you, it actually injects you with venom. It happens so quickly, the only way to see it in action is with a super slow motion, microscopic camera. 


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Aug 122014
Jumping Dogs In Super Slow Motion

Dogs are majestic creatures. But they’re even more amazing in super slow motion. Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys borrowed a cute puppy from one of their friends to feature in this latest super slow motion video. Under the watchful eye of their super slow motion camera, they had their dog jump and leap for food. The resulting video is glorious.


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