Oct 012015
Smashing Jello With A Tennis Racket Is Glorious

The Slow Mo Guys are famous for taking common everyday items and capturing them on their super slow motion camera. After being begged by their fans, they smashed a glob of jello with a tennis racket in an attempt to cut the jelly into countless little bits of fruity deliciousness. The results are mesmerizing. 


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Aug 212015
Matches Exploded In Super Slow Motion

There’s a reason every parent has to warn their kids not to play with matches. Even grownups often can’t control themselves with a box of matches. The strike of a match is just so mesmerizing. The Slow Mo Guys demonstrate just how mind blowing matches can be by igniting a match ‘bomb’ in super slow motion. It goes without saying don’t try this one at home. 


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Aug 172015
Pistol Shot Recorded At Super Slow Motion 73,000 Frames Per Second

Nearly everything under the lens of a super slow motion camera becomes much more exciting and intriguing. And that definitely applies to a pistol being fired. Adam Savage of the Discovery Channel‘s popular show Mythbusters was left almost speechless after watching a pistol being fired in super slow motion at 73,000 frames per second. Wow! 


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Jul 222015
Popping A Giant Water Balloon Being Worn By Man In Slow Motion

A sunny hot summer day is the perfect time to have a water balloon war with your friends. Dan and Gav of The Slow Mo Guys have already played around with giant water balloons in slow motion, but now have taken things to the max. Dan somehow literally squeezed himself into a giant water balloon and popped it while recording with their slow motion camera. The results are hilarious and glorious. 


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Jun 082015
Fluid Physics In Slow Motion Is Stunning

It’s easy to get lost in time while watching a bubbling creek as the water flows over rocks and pebbles. There’s just something so mesmerizing about the way the water moves and flows. The Slow Mo Guys investigate this idea further by popping spinning water balloons filled with colored water under the lens of a slow motion camera. Gorgeous! 


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