Mar 142014
Stuntmen Perform Mind Blowing Bow And Arrow Acrobatic Trick Shots

Stephen Izzi is a professional stunt performer. With his friends Aaron JoshuaJason Ng, and Jim Ng, the four pros pull off incredible bow and arrow trick shots mixed with just enough acrobatics to blow your mind. 


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Feb 212014
Stuntman Runs Through Loop The Loop Just Like Sonic

Free running stuntman Damien Walters has accomplished the once unbelievable.

He successfully ran through a loop the loop only powered by his own two legs. Just like Sonic the Hedgehog. 

Give this man some rings. 

Pepsi Max UK commissioned the daredevil stunt that is now going viral.


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Oct 212013
Amazing Gymnastic, Freerunner Tricks On AirTrick Mat

World renowned freerunner, stuntman, and gymnast Damien Walters teamed up with athletic friends to test out the new AirTrick Mat

As is evident in his trending video, the trick mat is definitely parkour approved as the crew pull of eye-popping spins, twirls, and jumps.

The clip has garnered over a quarter million views in one week, and is featured on Bloomberg, DailyPicks, and NYParkour


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