Jan 162015
clone trooper

Liam Porter was born missing part of his left arm, but now he has a brand new hand thanks to new 3D printing technology and kind Samaritans on the the Internet. As Liam is a huge Star Wars fan, the troopers of the Georgia garrison of the 501st Legion were the ones who presented him with his new Star Wars clone trooper-themed prosthetic arm.

Now, this video by Augusta Chronicle has gone viral with over 350,000 hits!


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Dec 202014
Five Year Old Girl Adorably Discusses Princess Leia’s Outfit

Adam Buxton checked in on his five year old daughter to discover she was reading the Star Wars Annual, a book explaining all of the famous Star Wars characters. She was saying that even though Jabba The Hutt is a ‘baddie’ she couldn’t help but like the outfit he made Princess Leia wear when she was captured. Dad wasn’t really sure how to respond to her adorable logic. Leia’s tiara was just so cute! 


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Dec 132014
tie fighter

This short video was posted by German channel Dien Sky Film yesterday and it has already amassed over 4 million views on Facebook. The quick clip was apparently taken by a dash camera on a car driving by on a  snowy highway. Suddenly, a crash can be seen on the left lane. Of course, this is no average crash on the road. It’s an imperial TIE fighter crashed with two cranky storm troopers waiting for help. Obviously, the clip was made with the help of CGI, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining. 


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Nov 302014
George Lucas Special Edition Of Star Wars: Episode VII Force Awakens Trailer

Nerds remember too well in the 1990′s when George Lucas re-released the original Star Wars trilogy. Fans were ecstatic that their childhood favorite films were back in theaters. And with better sounds and special effects! But many viewers felt let down by George’s unnatural CGI addition to the original films. 

Now that the new Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens trailer is all the rave online, Tim Tim Fed was inspired to remake the trailer as George Lucas might have–with obnoxious CGI additions and effects. Nerds are loving this hilarious parody that has instantly gone viral with over 2 million hits this weekend!


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Nov 302014
Lego Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Trailer

The brand new teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens just came out this Friday. And it only took Lego nerd Snooperking one day to recreate the trailer, shot for shot, as a stop motion animation using the famous Danish toy bricks. The new Lego trailer has instantly gone viral with over one million views already


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