Apr 012014
Rosetta Stone For Klingon April Fools Commercial

Have you ever wanted to learn Klingon, but felt the complex language was too difficult to master?

Well worry no more. Famous language learning company Rosetta Stone is proud to introduce their latest product to teach the Klingon language. 

Worf actor Michael Dorn himself stars in this nerdy April Fools commercial produced by Nerdist.


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Mar 312014
Wil Wheaton’s Response To Little Asking About Being Called A Nerd Will Make You Smile

Remember when Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton went viral a year ago telling a girl why it’s awesome to be a nerd?

Now, this similarly positive video from last year’s Denver Comic Con posted by YouTube channel CGPhotogcom has only gone viral now. 

A young girl in the crowd asked Wheaton, “When you were a kid were you called a nerd, and if so how did you deal with it?”

Wil’s uplifting answer has exploded over the weekend, with over 450,000 new views!


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Mar 042014
The Worf Of Starfleet Trailer Spoof

Worf is one of the most popular characters in the Star Trek world. And for good reason. He’s a powerful warrior, but is also honorable and noble. Not to mention he’s hilarious in his own way. 

A cup of prune juice please. 

So it’s no surprise this Star Trek trailer spoof of The Wolf of Wall Street featuring Worf has gone viral. 

Seriously, The Worf Of Starfleet would make for an awesome movie or TV series. 


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Feb 032014
Real Life Technologies Predicted By Star Trek

Nerds have been waiting to teleport and fly at warp speed since Star Trek debuted in 1960′s. Everyday Space travel may not be here yet, but a surprising amount of Star Trek technologies actually have come true in real life already.

BuzzFeed Pop covers a few of these, including Google Glass, real life medical tricorders, and more!


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Jan 052014
Star Trek Power Rangers Mash Up

The Unusual Suspect couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the rebooted Star Trek and Power Rangers: In Space

The movie review channel decided to demonstrate just how alike the nerdy franchises are by creating this Star Trek intro mash up with a Power Rangers twist!


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