Apr 232015
Girl Shows Up Guy On Stadium Flex Cam

During down time at the Philadelphia Soul Football game on the 12th, the MC announced that the jumbotron would be featuring fans who flexed their muscles. One guy tried to impress the two girls behind him with his big biceps. But when the camera finally returned to them, one of the girls threw off her jacket to reveal giant, ripped arms. The crowd went wild, and the once boisterous show off sat down a defeated man. 


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Apr 192015
Pug Snowboarding Is The Personification Of The Pug Life

The Internet loves short videos demonstrating tough guys who live the ‘thug life.’ But this cute little dog is so chill and cool, she’s living the pug life! Brandy the tiny pug loves snowboarding with her human friend in the Southern California snow and is simply bad to the bone. Does it get any more chill than this?


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Apr 192015
Surfer Hijacks Boat’s Wake

Most surfers require giant waves to get their surf on. But professional surfer and skimboarder Austin Keen is not your average athlete. Just watch as he ‘hijacks’ a boat’s wake to get his ride on. Sweet.

This video by the surfers of Mostic 2010 has gone viral with over half a million views


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Apr 162015
Short Film ‘The Butterfly Child’ About Boy With Genetic Disease Will Move You

Jonathan Pitre was born with a rare genetic disease considered the “worst condition you’ve never heard of” called Epidermolysis Bullosa. He is literally in a constant state of pain. His anguish never lets up. But fourteen year old Jonathan doesn’t let his condition control him.

Canadian sports channel TSN was touched by Jon’s story and his love for sports, so they made this powerful short film that is guaranteed to move you. 


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