Apr 272015
Rubik’s Cube Completed In 5.25 Seconds For World Record

The 3×3 Rubik’s Cube is the original and most popular of all 3D puzzles. Collin Burns has been an avid Rubik’s Cube fan for years and can complete one in just 7 or 8 seconds on average. But he just had his best time ever that happened to also break the world record, completing the puzzle in just 5.25 seconds! If only that screaming devil child would be quiet the scene would have been perfect.  


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Apr 262015
Russian Girl Boxer Can Probably Beat You Up

Saadvakass Family teaches people how the art of boxing. Russian girl Evnik has been training with them for a while now, and has learned quite a bit. The little kid can probably take on an opponent twice her size. This video has gone viral with over 700,00 views!


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Apr 232015
‘Black Belt’ Playing Card Shuffler Will Blow Your Mind

Sure, you’ve seen some people attempt to wow you with their playing card shuffling tricks and jazz. But few can compete with self proclaimed cardistry black belt Zach Mueller who shows off his best tricks in this viral video using high quality Fontaine Cards.


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Apr 232015
Girl Shows Up Guy On Stadium Flex Cam

During down time at the Philadelphia Soul Football game on the 12th, the MC announced that the jumbotron would be featuring fans who flexed their muscles. One guy tried to impress the two girls behind him with his big biceps. But when the camera finally returned to them, one of the girls threw off her jacket to reveal giant, ripped arms. The crowd went wild, and the once boisterous show off sat down a defeated man. 


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