Jan 282016
Tony Hawk Challenges Amateur Skateboarder For Charity

In case you missed it, Mike Boyd went viral back in November when his video showing him complete the skateboard kickflip trick with no experience hit the Web. It only took him six hours. That video has over one million views!

Now, the skateboard master himself, Tony Hawk, has reached out to Mike in order to raise money for charity. 


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Jan 262016
Drone Racing Looks As Cool As It Sounds

Only a few years ago, people laughed at the idea that playing video games competitively could be considered a sport. But now, there are actual college students who are getting scholarships for gaming. 

With the recent drop in drone prices there is now a new sport on the horizon. Drone racing. And it looks epic! Drone Racing League has already launched their league to get the newest sport started. 


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