Sep 032014
Mean Guy At Arizona Game Destroys Beach Ball

Going to the game isn’t just about the actual sporting event. People love the food, the fun, and the carnival atmosphere. But there was one guy at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas-Arizona Wild Cats game who wouldn’t have any of that fun nonsense ruining his miserable experience. So when a beach ball fans were hitting around made its way to him, he grabbed the ball and tore it to shreds. He even gave himself an applause afterwards. Who is this schmuck? 


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Aug 282014
High Speed Jet Skiing Through Canyon

Christian Yellott takes his jet skiing very seriously. Instead of simply speeding around a lake, Christian decided to speed through a narrow canyon. He attached a GoPro camera to the front of his jet ski so everyone online can enjoy the ride. His video has instantly gone viral after being featured by GoPro. The video already has over one million views!


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Aug 222014
Giant Fish Eats Hooked Shark Right Off Fishing Line

Fisherman Gimbb14 was very proud of himself. He just caught a four foot black tip shark while fishing off the coast of Bonita Springs Florida. But then the unimaginable happened. A giant goliath grouper appeared out of nowhere and ate the shark off the hook in one bite! 

There’s always a bigger fish.

This video has instantly gone viral, amassing over 10 million views in just a few days!


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Aug 212014
Giant Humpback Whale Almost Tail-Slaps Kayakers

Cimeron Morrissey was kayaking with her buddies, and boy is she glad she brought her camera along. While kayaking in Monterey Bay, a bus-sized humpback whale came up out of the water right next to her. The giant swimming mammal then swam under her small boat and performed a tail slap just feet away from her. Luckily, Cimeron wasn’t touched, and even more luckily, she caught the whole scene on camera


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