Oct 282015
Every Sports Press Conference Ever

Even for die-hard fans, there are few things more boring than the post game press conference. The questions, the answers, it’s all the same every time. The winners won because they tried harder. The losers lost because they didn’t try hard enough or as hard as the winners. The Kicker perfectly recreates every sports press conference ever in this hilarious sketch with guest star Weird Al Yankovic.


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Oct 182015
Mind Blowing Bowling Trick Somehow Swerves Around Pins

Most of us can barely hit the last two pins standing to score a spare in bowling. But bowling master Mikelong300 is not your average bowler. In this trending clip, he demonstrates one of his best bowling trick shots in which he hits the last two pins standing after having the bowling ball first swerve around two obstacles on the lane. How’d he do that?!


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Oct 172015
President Obama Crashes California Wedding At Golf Course

It’s always super exciting to have a celebrity guest make a cameo at wedding, but one lucky couple had one of the most famous and powerful men in the world make a surprise visit to their wedding. Videographer Sammie Starkey was doing the video work for a wedding at Torrey Pines Golf Course when President Obama just happened to be playing the 18th hole. The President came down to meet the bride and groom and wish them best. Lucky!



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Oct 152015
Samurai Slices High Speed Baseball In Half

The Samurais of Japan have been famous around the world for centuries for their impressive athletic and fighting abilities. Just because we’re in 2015 doesn’t mean the ancient group is hanging up their swords and ninja stars. This video of a Samurai slicing a baseball being pitched super fast has instantly gone viral for good reason. It’s crazy!


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Oct 092015
Hikers Fall After Suspended Bridges Collapses In New Zealand

Adrien Whistle and his buddies were hiking across New Zealand when disaster struck. They had hiked for miles, but when they attempted to traverse a bridge near Lake Waikaremoana, on New Zealand’s North Island the bridge gave way and they fell into the water underneath them! Thankfully, they were all OK after the fall. Now this intense video from the fall has instantly gone viral with over 1.5 million views!


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