Oct 022014
Skateboarder James Kelly Wipes Out While Speeding Downhill

Ahtlete James Kelly has been skateboarding for most of his life. Now, he frequently takes on one of the most dangerous obstacles for any skateboarder: rushing downhill at real highway speeds. In this promo video by Arbor Collective, James shows off his incredible talent. But he’s still human. At one point he wipes out at top speed. But like any true athlete, he simply dusts himself off and hops back on his board. 

This incredible clip has gone viral with over half a million hits!


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Oct 012014
Real Life Is A Lot Less Interesting Than GoPro Videos

The Internet is literally covered with countless amazing, exciting, and fast paced sports videos made using a versatile GoPro camera. After watching so many jaw-dropping videos online, Mike Fry was inspired to buy a GoPro and try to make an exciting video of his own. But he quickly learned that his life is a huge bore compared to the GoPro videos found online. 

Ironically, this hilarious comparison clip he made afterwards has gone viral with over half a million views!


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Sep 302014
Middle School Football Team Pulls Off ‘Ugly Kardashian’ Trick Play

Lewis and Clark Middle School has gone viral after executing a confusing, and successful, trick football play. As the play began, Josh Copeland handed the ball to quarterback Atiq Muhammad, but instead of pulling back to find an open receiver or handing the ball off, Muhammad calmly walked across scrimmage and pretended that the team accidentally grabbed the wrong ball.

After a few steps he ran towards the end zone while the defense stood around confused. Now, this clip has gone viral, especially since the trick play is called the Ugly Kardashian.  


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Sep 292014
Ohio State Coach Anthony Schlegel Body Slams Fan Streaker

Uhh, everyone hates when a self-centered fan runs onto the field and disrupts an exciting game. That’s exactly what happened during the Ohio State Buckeyes-Cincinnati Bearcats game over the weekend. Ohio State University Student Television Station Lantern TV published the moment when conditioning coach Anthony Schlegel captured the streaker and slammed him on the ground. Ironically, Schlegel is a former linebacker for the Buckeyes and proved that he’s still got it!

This clip has gone viral with over 2.5 million views over the weekend!


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Sep 272014
Impressive Card Shuffling Flair Will Blow You Away

Bartenders have contests to show off their impressive flair and tricks, so why not card shufflers? Eliot Slevin claims that he won the recent 2014 ICO, or International Cardistry Open, competition with this impressive entry video. No one dares to deny his claim. He can make advanced magician card flipping look mundane. 


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