Jul 192015
Playing Pool On A Perfect Circle

Games plays with a cue stick and a ball on a table, most commonly known as pool today, have been played for hundreds of years. In this new video, the math nerds of Numberphile explain the interesting outcome that results from playing billiards on a table that is near perfect circle.  


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Jul 182015
Little Girl Performs Trick Shots

The Internet is covered with videos of athletes performing trick shots with nearly every type of ball. But little Riley has finally brought something new to the table. She’s only six years old, but she performs a slew of unique and creative trick shots in this viral video which has over 430,000 hits! You go girl! 


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Jul 162015
Throwing A Basketball Over The Edge Of A Giant Dam

Derek Muller of the popular education channel Veritasium had the special opportunity to visit the giant Gordon Damn in Tazmania and didn’t waste the chance to perform some cool science experiments. In this viral video, he and his buddies demonstrate the surprising applications of the Magnus Effect. When a basketball is dropped from the dam with a spin, something very interesting occurs. This video has gone viral with over 2.25 million hits!


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Jul 132015
First Ever BMX Quad Backflip

For the common sports enthusiast, performing just one backflip on a bicycle is hard enough. But daredevils are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. After countless others failed to break the difficult trick of performing a quad backflip on a bike, Jed Mildon has just made history after finally completing one without falling at the end. This video by Nitro Circus has gone viral over the weekend with over 1.5 million views!


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Jul 132015
John Oliver Discusses How Ridiculous Stadiums Have Become

There’s no better way to spend a nice summer day like going to the stadium to watch the game and pay an obscene amount of money on drinks and snacks that makes the movie theater food appear cheap. We simply love our sports stadiums in America. And that’s fine and all, but many people don’t realize that stadiums often get huge tax breaks and investments from public funds. John Oliver covers the ridiculousness of sports stadiums on Last Week Tonight.


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