Feb 272014
Jean Claude Van Damme Performs Splits In Zero Gravity Space

Remember the hyper viral video by Volvo featuring action actor Jean Claude Van Damme performing the splits on the mirrors of two moving trucks? That video stands with over 70 million views!

Talk about a marketing success. 

Countless parodies were made after the November video went viral, but Linh Mai has only posted this Gravity-themed straggler now. 

It seems the late debut has given him all the attention, and now his parody video has gone viral as well. 


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Feb 232014
Mario Kart Olympic Speed Skating

Olympic speed skating is pretty exciting, but it can quickly become repetitive. It could really use a little pizzazz. 

Thankfully, nerd channel TimTimFed added some Mario Kart spice to the sport. Fans will recognize iconic Mario Kart items, such as bananas and the famed spiny blue shell. 


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Feb 222014
‘Mario Seinfeld’ Is A Nerdy Nintendo Parody About Nothing

This new parody by gamer channel Esquire Bob Animations mashes two unlikely 1990′s fan favorites together: Seinfeld and Super Mario Brothers.

The CGI Mario characters actually look good, and the melding of the two franchises is done seamlessly. 

George Costanaza as Toad, Newman as Bowser, Mario as Jerry. It’s just perfect. 


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Feb 212014
Traffic Reporter Performs “Just Don’t Go” Traffic Cover Of “Let It Go”

There have been countless covers of the award winning song Let It Go from Disney’s latest animated feature film Frozen, but this is a first!

Traffic reporter Bob Herzog of WKRC Cincinnati has rejuvenated the hit song by performing a hilarious traffic-themed cover, appropriately titled Just Don’t Go.  

With record levels of snow this season, the song couldn’t be more relevant. 


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