Oct 202015
Jurassic World Trailer Remade With A Super Low Budget

These days, films are more expensive than ever. That got Matthew Potter and his buddies thinking. After watching this summer’s hottest movie, Jurassic World, he and his friends decided to recreate the timeless trailer with as little money as possible. After spending only £50 they came up with this trending remake


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Oct 152015
Back To The Future In The Real 2015 Is Pretty Sad

As the Internet has been reminded over and over, 2015 is the year that Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to in the popular 80’s sci-fi movie, Back To The Future II. Back then, 2015 seemed so futuristic and far away. Flying cars, mini-nuclear reactors, and robots seemed just a couple years away. Sadly, 2015 hasn’t panned out that way. 

College Humor shows what Back To The Future II would have looked like if Marty and Doc traveled to our 2015


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Oct 092015
How Ant-Man Should Have Ended

Do you hear that? It’s hard to believe, but after seemingly years of non-stop superhero movies, it seems there is a lull before the next hurricane of Marvel movies next year. As the last superhero movie was Ant-Man, How It Should Have Ended has stepped forward to explain to fans how the film should have actually ended in this new clip. 


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Oct 072015
Everything Wrong With Trendy Restaurants

At one point, fancy restaurant veered from serving delicious, gourmet food to instead focus on a more unique eating experience for their guests. And it’s terribly annoying. College Humor explains everything wrong with trendy restaurants in this clip. 


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Oct 022015
Painfully Accurate Drug Commercial

We’ve all seen those commercials for a slew of medications for any ailment you can think. Many of these ads feature a cute cartoon creature who is just sad and uncomfortable, but with a boost from new medicine is miraculously healed. College Humor mocks these commercial with their painfully accurate drug ad parody


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