Nov 042013
Dr. Spock Steals The Show During Drunk Girls’ Street Party Dance In Vegas

Who knew that Spock was so smooth?

Jocifer G was on Fremont St. in Las Vegas when a bunch of drunk girls were “trying to show off” and started an impromptu dance party. 

But when Spock unexpectedly took to the dance floor, they all shied away, so another woman took the chance to dance with the famous Vulcan

“Daaaamn! Vulcans get down!”


(The fun starts around the one minute mark.)


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Jun 032013

Nerds know all too well that since Spock is half Vulcan, he isn’t really the playboy type. But that didn’t stop director J. J. Abrams from adding a sizzling romance between Spock and Uhura to the new reboot Star Trek

Barely Political and Key To Awesome took this idea one step further in Star Trek Slow Jam where an excited Mark Douglas Spock woos a Vulcan Laura McDonald with a sexy slow jam.


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Mar 102011

If you’ve watched even one episode of the original Star Trek, you know that Spock spends most his time looking down the scope on his station. It was put there, because in the 60’s they tried to make a space ship that would be like a real ship. They figured since submarines have scopes that the crew looks in for information and navigation, so should the Enterprise. Hey, it was the 60’s.

So what was Spock looking at the whole time? Dang it, he was slacking off, checking his Facebook. That’s right, they have Facebook in Star Trek. It’s the future!

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