Nov 272015
Man And Dolphin Have Spitting War

Swimming with the dolphins is a common activity for tourists and vacationers who travel to warmer climates. While visiting an island near Nassau, Scottwrk47 and their family did just that. But when going in for a kiss, one dolphin spit at John. He responded in the only thing he could think of, and spit right back. Soon, the two were in a playful spitting war. This cute clip has instantly gone viral with over 750,000 views!


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May 022012

Covering a news story on the streets can help the viewers feel more invested in a story, but there are risks for the crew. Besides for bad weather and the like, the worst part of reporting on the streets are the people.

You never know who you’re going to bump into. It could be the Crazy Spitting Lady of Chicago.

While trying to cover one of their ‘Did You Know’ segments in downtown Chicago, this unlucky WCIU news crew had the ‘pleasure’ of being greeted by the Crazy Spitting Lady.

After she finally left, the reporter couldn’t help himself. “I feel like I need hand sanitizer… Was that the weirdest exchange?” the reporter asks the cameraman while laughing. 


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