May 312015
Shia LaBeouf Gives The Most Motivating TED Talk Ever

A month ago,  and actor Shia LaBeouf published this strange short film, titled #INTRODUCTIONS, in which Shia gives a half hour talk to the camera behind a green screen. When the Internet caught whiff of Shia in front of a green screen they pounced! Michael McNeff took a small excerpt from the short film and made this hilarious motivation TED Talk starring Shia which has instantly gone viral!



As an added bonus, Craig Fleming made this short parody in which Shia performs the traditional New Zealand Haka dance. 


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May 222015
Jimmy Fallon And Dwayne Johnson The Rock Give Commencement Speech

Now is the time of year when kids of all ages happily put on their caps and gowns to graduate. Naturally, the uplifting commencement and graduation speeches by celebrities often go viral. Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne Johnson The Rock poke fun at the commencement speech by recreating their own in 1989


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May 072015
Vladimir Putin Gives A Speechless Speech

Russian leader Vladimir Putin is one of the world’s most famous leaders. Naturally, when he gives a speech, it’s a very serious event. Mario Wienerroither decided to have some fun with Putin and took one of his recent speeches and made it a speechless speech. 


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Apr 132015
The Best Best Man’s Speech Ever

Australian song writer and musician Daniel Buccheri was thrilled to find out his brother was getting married and was honored to be his best man. To make the day extra special, he didn’t just read his best man’s speech, he sang it!

Now, this touching music video has gone viral with over two million new views!


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Mar 212015
Man Who Lost 270 Pounds Give Powerful Speech On Body Positivity

When Matt Diaz was just 16 years old he weighed nearly 500 pounds! But after six years of dedication and hard work, he has lost 270 pounds! But now he must deal with the extra skin he grew when he was so over weight. He discusses the difficulties of being over weight, having low self-esteem, and the importance of body positivity and self-love in this inspirational viral video


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