Jun 142016
Jimmy Fallon Addresses Orlando Nightclub Shooting

By now, everyone is aware of the tragic terror attack that took place in Orlando, Florida this weekend when a Muslim extremist murdered 49 people at a gay dance club. Late night host Jimmy Fallon addressed the terror that took place last night in this clip. 


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Jun 092016
‘Thought Leader’ Gives Every TED Talk Ever

Back when Facebook was still kind of hip and cool, there was one thing that everyone shared at least a few times. TED Talks. Now, most of us are sick of them. The CBC pokes fun at all TED Talks ever with this Thought Leader’s talk that will inspire your thoughts.  


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Jun 092016
Mike Rowe Says Don’t Follow Your Passion

For two or three generations now we have been told by our parents, teachers, and mentors to follow our passions. Don’t give up on your dreams. But maybe, just maybe, this isn’t good advice. Mike Rowe explains in this trending clip. 


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Mar 252016
Bird lands On Bernie Sanders’ Podium During Speech

Is Bernie Sanders a Disney prince? Perhaps. Because amazingly, it seems he has the same cliche power nearly every Disney princess has to communicate with birds. During a rally in Portland, an adorable little bird landed on Bernie’s podium interrupting his train of thought. The crowd exploded in cheers, and now this clip is going viral!


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Mar 192016
Celebrities Speak Out On Fame And Materialism

Everyone wants to be rich and famous, right? Many people dream of being a famous star of a TV show or pop singer. That’s why American Idol type shows are still so popular. But what happens when you’re finally famous and rich?

It might be nice to have financial security, but many celebrities attest in this compilation that the fame and cash won’t make you feel any better on the inside. 


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