Feb 012016
Last Star In The Universe

Since the dawn of time, we humans have been thinking two things: Has the universe been around forever, or did it have a beginning and will it eventually cease to exist? 

Kurzgesagt ponders what will hypothetically happen when the last star finally burns out in the universe in this clip. 


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Dec 292015
Space Debris Over The Past 60 Years

It was only half a century ago when the idea of traveling to space was still science fiction. Now, the launching of a satellite and even sending astronauts to the International Space Station has become dull and mundane. 

But with all that space activity, governments around the world have done what we do back here on Earth. We’ve left a lot of space trash and debris out there. Stuart Grey made this animation demonstrating the accumulation of space debris over the past 60 years. This video already has over one million views!


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Dec 232015
Space X Lands Falcon 9 Rocket Vertically For First Time

For decades now, scientists have used disposable booster rockets to send people and supplies into space. Very expensive booster rockets that are basically thrown away after the launch. But for the first time ever, private space company Space X has landed their Falcon 9 booster rocket vertically after a successful launch. It’s no surprise all the nerds at command HQ went crazy after the landing. 


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Nov 252015
Rocket Flies To Space And Lands For First Time

The private run to space has begun. Jeff Bazos is famous as the CEO and founder of Amazon, but he is also behind private space exploration company Blue Origin. Yesterday, the company made history when their New Shepard space vehicle successfully flew to space and then performed a vertical landing back on the ground. This clip has instantly gone viral with over 2 million hits!


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Oct 072015
NASA Scientist Reviews The Martian

All science fiction is, well, fiction, but we love it because it is supposed to be in someway possible perhaps in the near future. By far, the most popular science fiction film of 2015 is The Martian, featuring Matt Damon. But how close did the studio get to making a realistic movie based in space and on Mars? BuzzFeed asked a real NASA scientist what he thought. 


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