Jul 082013

Ahh, there’s nothing like the unexpected resurfacing of an older meme. When executed correctly and at the right moment, the video can easily go viral.

The latest to properly pull off this tricky web maneuver is Not Literally with their new Game Of Thrones-themed parody of the overly-spoofed viral tune Somebody That I Used To Know

After debuting a week ago, the spoof has garnered over 200,000 hits, and is covered on FanSided, Mashable, and Dorkly


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Mar 152013

I James Walters went viral with his two spot on impression musics videos where he sings I Dreamed A Dream and Mad World as Gollum from Lord Of The Rings. Together, his video have collected over 2.5 million hits

Now, he returns in an extremely well done LOTR spoof of Gotye‘s hit single Somebody I Used To Know. The new video is going viral, and is featured on DailyDot, BuzzFeed, TastefullyO, and MarySue


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Oct 012012

With all the current Gangnam Style obsessing, it seems the the Internet already forgot about its love from the past summer, Somebody That I Used To know

And electronics nerd  is bring it back in a whole new. They made a parody music video of the hit single by Gotye with old technology, like printers and hard drives, ‘playing’ the music.

It’s a one of a kind spoof that has garnered nearly a million views since the weekend alone and is also featured on YouTubeTrends.


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Sep 052012

Myles And Kolton are two buddies who love to play music. Here, they cover I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz. On guitar and ukulele, they smash the song out of the park.

The problem is, it’s very hard to go viral even if you’re very talented. But Myles has a secret weapon. 

His aunt just happens to be Gianni from Walk Off The Earth–you know, the band who went viral with their cover of Somebody That I Used To Know.

After Gianni posted the video on Walk Off The Earth’s Facebook page, the video instantly went viral. 

Could these two dethrone the Bieber?


Thanks Miry!

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Aug 122012

So Gotye‘s mega hit Somebody That I Used To Know will no doubt go down as this year’s top one hit wonder. There are literally hundreds of covers of the ultra viral song. 

So what does one do when they have a hit like this one their hands. After feeling very awesome for bringing music to so many people, Gotye got right back to making music. … Out of the various covers of the their song. 

The resulting track is a one of a kind, world-wide mash up of YouTube musicians, appropriately titled Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra.  

Does it get any more meta?


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